Written by: Zoe Share, Founder and Chief Executive Schmoozer at Schmooz Media

At Schmooz Media, we have had the chance to represent lots of different small and mid-size business owners on their social media, at all different times of the year. One of our favourite times of year is around Valentine’s Day because there are so many opportunities to show and share the love around this special day.

That’s right – Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic relationships anymore. It’s also an opportunity to show your love for your followers and customers. This is true whether your clients are pet owners or legal professionals!

Here are three ideas you and your business can implement on social media to make this Valentine’s Day extra special!

Offer a Referral Promotion or Run a Contest

Show your current clients some love by offering them a Valentines special that can also help you grow your business.

Perhaps you can offer a 2-for-the-price-of-1 deal for a product or service that gets new potential clients in the door. Let your clients know about this special promotion across social media or in a direct email or newsletter. You can create a unique landing page that helps you track conversions and also explains the promotion.

Take a look at this Snapdeal Valentine’s Day Selfie Contest:

Valentine's Day

Do Something Generous in the Name of Love

Your brand has an identity, which can include a specific written voice and tone, but can also extend to the types of charities and local businesses you support.

While people typically focus on love relationships on Valentine’s Day, your business can show love in a different way – through paying it forward. Sharing a small donation on behalf of your followers or purchasing something Valentine’s themed from a local business is a great way to show that you care.

Whether you’re a small business or a big company, you have an opportunity to give back. Make opportunities that will appeal to the size and scale of your company. This Macy’s campaign makes a lot of sense because they partnered up with Go Red For Women and put some big money behind them. It’s straightforward and effective.

Valentine's Day

If you’re a smaller brand, it might make more sense to run a contest that connects a certain number of likes to you donating a specific amount of money. This way it’s scalable and something you know you can afford.

Community Appreciation

Extend your gratitude beyond your clients, and include your own team as well! This can mean a number of things, (check out some of these ideas!) especially when you’re thinking about producing content for social media.

You can have a small office party; bring in a couple of Valentines-themed snacks into the office and have a couple of activities to do! Raising money for a local charity can also motivate people to show heart in a work-appropriate way. Not only is it fun for your team to do some of these activities, but you can take some quick photos or videos to make content for your social!

Remember, your community includes your current clients, your prospective clients and your employees. They are worth celebrating because as people who interact with your brand, they could be the champions who can make all the difference in terms of building your business and gaining traction in online (or offline) word of mouth.

Show the love to your community by featuring them in newsletter campaigns, on your website blog (like Lululemon does) or in social posts. While this doesn’t have to be done for Valentine’s Day, this day for showing appreciation can be a great launch date for an ambassador program launch.

Valentine's Day

When you run a small business, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to amplify your brand’s message. Make Valentines Day extra special this year by finding a way to celebrate all that has been a part of making your life full!

About Zoe

Zoe Share is the Founder and Chief Executive Schmoozer at Schmooz Media, a social media marketing and communications agency. Learn more about Schmooz and their services on their website. If you’d like help running a unique campaign around Valentine’s Day, connect with Schmooz Media on Instagram or Facebook or reach Zoe directly at Zoe@schmooz.ca

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