Even though we live in an entrepreneurial age of endless opportunities, and even though long-term business success might wait just around the corner for those with a great idea and a sound growth strategy, entrepreneurial superstardom doesn’t come easy. One of the major problems business leaders fail to recognize and prepare for well in advance is the problem of office space and its expansion.

As if a modern entrepreneur doesn’t have enough on their plate, they also have to make sound projections for their office needs months and years down the line, and design a space that can support the growth of their company as well. Here is how you can prevent this common setback and build an office your current and future employees will love – an office that will propel your business forward in every way.

Bigger is always better

When it comes to your office and your future needs, bigger really can be better – assuming that you can afford a bigger space right off the bat. While it is true that you should scale accordingly and expand the place as your company grows and you start bringing new people into your ranks, acquiring a larger space right away can have numerous hidden benefits you weren’t aware of before.

For instance, whereas scaling as you grow can really hurt your cash flow, disrupt organization, and make your employees tired of constantly moving to a new address, settling in a grand office space right away will allow you to welcome projected and unexpected growth with open arms. A big office will allow you to bring in new people seamlessly, while also allowing you to stay put, right in the heart of town. It might require a bigger investment at first, but the ROI in the long run will be well worth it.

Integrate technology across the board

Technology has become an inextricable part of our daily lives, and a vital component of every business process regardless of the department or job description. So naturally, technology is one of the most important “happiness factors” that employees need and want to have in their work environment – a feature the 21st-century workforce cannot be productive without.

This means that every workstation, and your entire office in general, should be fully equipped with all the necessary tech that will support day-long productivity and help your employees stay on top of their physical and mental game. When your needs start to grow and your staff begins to swell in ranks, you should also remember to upgrade your office tech in order to preserve happiness in the workplace, and keep your business competitive in the long run.

Weave your brand into the setting

Designing an office for growth is not just about having enough storage or boasting about the VR tech in the rec room, it’s also about thinking about the future of your brand and how its image and unique identity will shape the future of your company and its employee collective. Quite simply, if you fail to weave your brand’s personality into the workplace as you grow, then internal and external branding might become a major problem down the road.

Before you know it, people will start working for you because you offer a steady job and not because they identify with your values. To prevent this, experienced design and architecture firms such as Superdraft emphasize the need to carefully integrate brand visuals and stories in the office setting in order to create a modern, inspiring workplace the employees will love. In turn, this creative solution will ensure your employees stay because they believe in their work, and new employees fall in love with their new job.

Embrace the open-plan design

Another major design solution that’s been the talk of the business world in recent years is the open-plan office design, so grab a sledge hammer and take note. The days of cubicle offices are long gone, and nowadays, employees want and need a space that’s grand and open, a space that supports free communication, movement, and unimpeded productivity.

This means that knocking down a wall or two to create one grand coworking space might just be the design solution that will take your workplace to a new level of productivity and day-long positivity. Not only does such a setting support movement and communication, but also allows more natural light to permeate the interior. What’s more, such a place will make all alterations or remodelling jobs a breeze.

Build a multi functional setting

Lastly, if you want to create an office that will be able to accommodate the needs of a rapidly growing company, you will need to think above and beyond the mere call of duty. After all, work is but a single part of business in the 21st century, and special attention should be given to other spaces your employees need on a daily basis.

With that in mind, consider introducing quiet booths, lounge areas, a fully-equipped kitchen, areas for pure rest and relaxation, and even a fitness studio where your team members can work on preserving their physical health. In turn, this will directly influence daily productivity levels.


Designing an office for growth might initially sound like a cumbersome and expensive task, but the reality is quite different. Well, it might require a substantial investment, but introducing these solutions right away can significantly cut your expenses in the years to come and help you grow seamlessly and without a hitch.


Bio: Cooper Klein is an entrepreneur with a degree in Marketing and a regular contributor to many online magazines. In order to spend more time with his family, Cooper decided to take a break, and he’s currently working from home as a blogger. You can find him on Twitter.


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