This May, nine Futurpreneur-supported businesses will have the opportunity to come to Toronto and gain expert guidance and resources for growing their businesses with the Spring 2019 Growth Accelerator.



The decision to grow your business is easy. You might want to expand your market share, or have a new product line in mind, or become a globally recognized brand in your industry. Actually knowing how to pull this off with a sound strategy and a support network around you is a critical first step. The entrepreneurs selected for the Growth Accelerator’s Spring 2019 Cohort launched their businesses with support from our Start-Up Program and have each demonstrated their ambition and ability to take their businesses to the next level. 


Along with our partners Spin MasterMorrison FinancialDentons and Ramp Communications, we welcome this latest cohort who will be joining their peers from the Fall 2018 Growth Accelerator in an exclusive series of meetings, workshops and networking opportunities designed to give them the knowledge and tools to achieve their growth objectives. 



Meet the Spring 2019 Cohort 


2019 Spring Growth Accelerator - Di Napoli Caffe - Taina Chalifoux Spring 2019 Growth Accelerator - Duckish - Carolyn Crewe 2019 Spring Growth Accelerator - Hybrid Power Solutions - Francois Byrne
Di Napoli Caffe 

Taïna Chalifoux, a young Moroccan from Quebec, founded Di Napoli Caffe as soon as she finished her studies at HEC Montréal. She wants to make it simple for office managers to offer quality Italian coffee in biodegradable pods to their team through her “coffee as a service” model. This “coffee queen” also uses technology and artificial intelligence to track usage and predict demand, features that will help her expand her brand across Canada. 


Duckish, established in October 2015 by Carolyn Crewe and Joshua Beitel, is a delightful all-natural, personal care brand that manufactures and sells skin care products to help people feel better in their own skin while making a positive impact on the community. Using all-natural and organic ingredients, this Nova Scotia-based business is ready to lead the way in a market with a growing number of health-conscious customers.  


Hybrid Power Solutions 

With environmental and ecological concerns in mind, Francois Byrne realized the potential of transforming the way industries use electricity on job sites. Hybrid Power Solutions designs and manufactures portable battery systems for the mining, railway, public transit and construction sectors. Their systems are quieter, safer and more efficient that other options on the market and help companies meet their health and safety regulations while decreasing their negative environmental footprint. 

2019 Spring Growth Accelerator - Kanevas - Mylene Cusson Marie-Helene David 2019 Spring Growth Accelerator - Nora's Non Dairy - Katherine Backman Tyler Bothwell 2019 Spring Growth Accelerator - Rizer Social - Tristan Rahman

Mylène Cusson and Marie-Hélène David pooled their skills and passion to create fully customizable bags that cater to the everyday needs of Canadians. Through Kanevas, there are 1 million different ways you can personalize your bag, from fabrics and colours to internal storage features. Currently focusing their efforts on Quebec, these two young entrepreneurs have their eyes set on the rest of Canada, the US and Europe.

Nora’s Non-Dairy 

With Nora’s Non-Dairy, founders Katherine Backman and Tyler Bothwell aim to create ridiculously creamy plant-based ice cream that satisfies even the most discerning dairy ice cream fan. Manufactured in Vancouver and available in British Columbia and Alberta, the business is looking at expanding into the US along the I-5 corridor. Believing plant-based foods are the future, they’re proud to be part of a global shift towards more environmentally sustainable and ethically-produced foods. 

Rizer Social 

Rizer Social is a SaaS influencer technology company that helps advertisers effectively and efficiently plan, execute and analyze performance driven influencer marketing campaigns. The brainchild of Tristan Rahman, they’re looking to tackle the Wild West of today’s influencer marketing with their data-driven and AI-powered approach and work with global brands and advertisers make calculated decisions when executing their campaigns.

2019 Spring Growth Accelerator - Sons of Vancouver - James Lester 2019 Spring Growth Accelerator - Spread'em Kitchen - Mellisa Mills 2019 Spring Growth Accelerator - Two Wheel Gear - Reid Hemsing
Sons of Vancouver 

The passion for craft and unusual flavours drove James Lester to launch Sons of Vancouver, a Vancouver-based distillery keen on ramping up the production of their spirits in the next 24 months. James and his team are constantly innovating and looking at bringing best practices and techniques from large scale production to the level of craft distilling.

Spread’Em Kitchen 

Spread’Em Kitchen makes healthy, cashew-based dairy-alternatives that meet a growing demand from Canadian consumers, more and more of whom are incorporating plant-based foods into their diet. Mellisa Mills left behind a graphic design career after positive feedback on her home-made dips and is now the largest cashew cheeze company in B.C. with national distribution and ambitions to enter the U.S. market. 

Two Wheel Gear 

Recognizing that there was a gap in the market for professionals that bike to work, Reid Hemsing brought Two Wheel Gear from his parent’s basement to his own factory in Vietnam. Already distributed through MEC, Reid is hoping the rest of the world will soon be introduced to these unique bicycle bags that carry everything today’s cyclist needs to be ready for a day at work. 



The Spring 2019 Growth Accelerator will take place in Toronto, May 6-8, in partnership with Spin Master Inc. and supported by Morrison Financial, Dentons Canada and Ramp Communications.


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