As 2019 comes to a close, we thought we would take a look at some of your favourite stories from the year. Whether you’ve missed these stories or just want a refresher, check them out below!



Top 3…Start-Up Stories


Starting a business with Caitlyn Ngu, HireUp


Caitlyn Ngu is changing the centuries-old resume with HireUp, the founder of HireUp, a web-based platform that aims to simplify and streamline the hiring process. Starting her business as a side hustle, Caitlyn shares her vision for the modern world of work and and her experience as a female founder in the tech space.


“We need more female founders to come forward. To lead conversations. To be an example for other women to look to and learn from.”


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Jenna Richards turned to the practice of aerial yoga as a source of mental and physical release while battling health concerns and searching for a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Jenna aimed to share the benefits she experienced through aerial yoga with her community in Bowmanville, leading her to launch her own aerial yoga studio, Yoga Jungle.


“I wanted to provide an environment that was free of any judgment. A safe space for people to come and learn, play, and find confidence and courage.”


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Jaclyn McPhadden is the co-founder of RecycleSmart, an organization dedicated to developing waste management solutions for businesses. In 2019 Jaclyn reflects on ten years of combating waste and leading Canada’s 12th fastest growing business.


“The fact that this is a result of an idea to help make a positive environmental impact, which also results in economic wins for our customers, is simply what the concept was all about.”


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Top 3…Futurpreneur Stories



Launching a business can be tough, especially for young entrepreneurs. There are so many different start-up costs, and the reality is that young people often have the hardest time accessing loans to start their businesses. That’s why, starting June 18, 2019, Futurpreneur Canada increased its offering to $60,000 in financing for aspiring business owners ages 18 to 39, in partnership with the Business Development Bank of Canada.


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This May, nine Futurpreneur-supported businesses were selected to participate in the Spring 2019 Growth Accelerator. We introduced the Spring cohort in April, ahead of the three-day exclusive series of meetings, workshops and networking opportunities designed to give them the knowledge and tools to achieve their growth objectives. 


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The decision to grow your business is the first step. Whether that means expanding to new markets or offering new products or services, it all comes down to ensuring you have built a sound strategy and a support network around you. Ten Futurpreneur-supported businesses pitched for a chance to be a part of the Fall 2019 Growth Accelerator and were introduced in October.


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