We’re excited to announce that six of our unique and talented Futurpreneur craft-makers will be showcasing their work and products at one of the largest and best-attended craft shows in North America, the One of a Kind Show, March 27-31, 2019 at the Enercare Centre in Toronto.


Learn about our artistic entrepreneurs and their businesses below.



Caitlin Ryan, Studio Nyctale


Caitlin Ryan Studio Nyctale - OOAK

Studio Nyctale was founded by Australian theatre designer Caitlin Ryan. Their products are DIY kits or open-sourced downloads guided by online videos and tutorials that aim to challenge and ask the question, “What is the future of manufacturing? 

Studio Nyctale is committed to open-sourced designs and practices, eventually eliminating freight and transport costs.  

In January 2019 the business exhibited their new folding screen Pli at the Interior Design Show of Toronto in the Prototype section.



Dawn Mabee, Mabee Baby 


Dawn Mabee Mabee Baby - OOAK

Dawn Mabee is a fashion arts graduate of Vancouver Community College and the creator/ designer of Mabee Baby. She has been a corsetiere, a cutter for local designers and a scarf-tying pro in the Hermès shop sailing the high seas aboard the Queen Mary 2, however motherhood was the inspiration for Mabee Baby. 

After a fruitless search for quality, gender-neutral and ecoconscious clothing for her son, Dawn decided to use her fashion background to create them herself. Grabbing inspiration for each collection from her son and the ever-changing world around us while leaving behind the kid clichés, the result is one-of-a-kind loungewear for children that blends modern and nostalgic tastes into lasting items to be loved and enjoyed. 

Mabee Baby has participated in a variety of markets and shows in the Greater Vancouver region such as Make It but this will be her first show outside of B.C. 



Mary Oliveira, Mary B’s Sweets 


Mariane Oliviera Mary's Brigadeiro - OOAK

Mary’s Brigadeiro was founded by Mariane Oliveira, a Brazilian newcomer to Canada.

Mary started Mary’s Brigadeiro in 2014 with the goal of bringing an innovative confection to Canada in the hopes of sharing with Canadians what the “brigadeiro” means to Brazilians: sharing moments of happiness.

Mary has a degree in Business Administration from Anhanguera University in São Caetano do Sul, SP, Brazil and grew up watching and helping her single mother make amazing sweets and savory snacks to support the family.

Mary’s Brigadeiro has participated in numerous shows since 2014 ranging from Je T’aime en Chocolat (Montreal) to various street festivals and markets in Toronto.



Isabelle Audet, BiotiFULL


Isabelle Audet BiotiFULL - OOAK

“The BiotiFULL company was born when I realized that 4 out of 5 health and beauty products available to young people contain at least one ingredient suspected to be related to environmental or health problems (cancer, skin disorders, reproductive system, asthma, severe allergies). At such a crucial stage of development, the situation seemed worrying to me! It was then that I thought that if there are no health and body care products for young people, I will offer them. “

A graduate in statistical mathematics from the Université de Montréal and holding a certificate in administration as well as training in project management, Isabelle Audet has worked in private companies for more than fifteen years. Motivated by the well-being of her two young daughters, Isabelle made the leap into entrepreneurship in 2016 with a mission to create cosmetic products for the pharmacy shelves that are beneficial to both the body and the environment. Isabelle joined the Les affaires Start-up Challenge where she won the jury prize and BiotiFULL was born.

In the summer of 2017, Isabelle launched her online store and began her great adventure, focusing on the funding campaigns of sports clubs and schools to promote her products to her chosen audience; young people. Since then, more than fifty fundraising campaigns have been completed and BiotiFULL has had the opportunity to take part in a number of exhibitions, including the Grands Ballets Canadiens Christmas Market Nutcracker, which allows children from underprivileged backgrounds and sick children from the metropolitan area to participate in educational workshops as well as attend a performance of the Nutcracker ballet. 


Ingrid Agbato, Coo-Mon Accessoires et Cultures 


Ingrid Agbato Coo-Mon - OOAK

Ingrid comes from Benin, where tailor-made items are the norm, making it hard to replicate an existing model. When she found an interest in sewing, she attended two summers of sewing classes with a scholarship during her undergraduate studies in Benin (Engineer of Works in Biomedical Sciences). Ingrid left Benin shortly after for Canada with another scholarship for a Master’s degree in Environmental Health and Occupational Health. It wasn’t until she gave birth to her daughter during her doctoral studies in Biomedical Sciences that she resumed her love of sewing and started looking for ideas to personalize for her daughter. She said to herself, “Wow, I’m going to try this because whoever risks nothing, has nothing.”

With a $40 sewing machine she found online and still has today, she sewed her first dress for her daughter. However, it took months of reflection before she decided to give life to her entrepreneurial passion by creating a business of accessories and clothing for little girls.  

She noticed that, just like her, a significant number of people came from different cultures and lived outside their home countries. This is how she came up with the idea of ​​mixing textiles of different origins in the same product (Quebec, Africa and Guadeloupe for the moment). “Coo-Mon” represents a link between her hometown Cotonou (Coo) and my current city of residence Montreal (Mon).



Tabitha Osler, Faire Child


Tabitha Osler Faire Child - OOAK


Tabitha Osler, the director and founder of Faire Child, is an ethical fashion designer and entrepreneur with a vision for a more sustainable future. 

Tabitha Osler is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She obtained a Masters in Fashion Design at Antwerp Royal Fashion Academy and worked in the fashion industry in Canada and Europe.

Tabitha’s growing awareness of the urgent needed change in the fashion industry led to the creation of Faire Child in 2018. 

The end result is children’s outerwear that is completely waterproof, chemical free, made in Canada, 100% recycled and recyclable.





For more information and to purchase tickets to the 2019 One of a Kind Show visit www.oneofakindshow.com.


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