Futurpreneur mentor, Juan Navarro,  shares his advice for achieving the highest level of success when starting a business. 



Think big.


Entrepreneurs answer a vast number of questions and overcome a similar number of challenges in order to turn their business ideas into tangible realities. As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to consider and define:


  1. Your business offering
  2. Your target market/s.


In this respect, when someone asks me what advice I can give them to start their own business, my advice is, “Think big”.


Starting a business requires having no limits and making possible the impossible. Being an entrepreneur means that your passion and conviction can take you wherever you want, including to the highest level of success if you define challenging goals to guide you in the right direction.


Thinking big is an invitation to explore the full range of possible alternatives, achieving the best impact for your business endeavor. 


For you and your team to reach your full potential, thinking big can make the difference between your company surviving or thriving. Thinking big creates a driving force that improves your performance and competitiveness in the marketplace.


Les Brown, a renowned speaker who has interviewed hundreds of successful business leaders, says “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars,” and that’s a big truth when we analyze business goals. Entrepreneurs who set challenging goals for their business endeavors and invest dedicated efforts will climb to the top. Thinking big means dreaming big, analyzing, planning for challenges, and taking that big leap.


Thinking big means creating a business that makes your clients’ lives better.


Entrepreneurs have to think outside the box and go out of their comfort zones to succeed. You will need to dedicate time to researching and translating mega-trends, such as technological breakthroughs, climate change, demographic change, and rapid urbanization, to be able to provide specific business offerings with value-added propositions.


Economic success for business owners means seeing the big picture when defining your target market/s and embracing opportunities offered by the global and digital economies. Today, thanks to the digital economy, it is relatively simple and affordable for small companies to do business in other provinces or abroad, so why not try?


Training and funding programs in both the private and public sector exist to support Canadian businesses.


Canadian entrepreneurs can access a vast number of foreign markets through several free trade agreements that Canada already has in force. One example is the new Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) in which eleven economies, including some of the most dynamic economies in the Asia Pacific, are facilitating investments and trade in product and services.


Combining these factors makes “thinking and acting big” much easier. When entrepreneurs ask me how to start their business, I also share the savvy words of Steve Jobs, who used to say, “Think big, start small and move fast.” Thinking big is not just the beginning, but also the key to success and planning the daily steps you need to take to realize your business dream.



About the author 

Juan Navarro is Director CMX Partnerships, Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University and volunteer mentor at Futurpreneur Canada.

Find out more about Juan in his Mentor Spotlight here.


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