At Futurpreneur our incredible partners help us do what we do best – support entrepreneurs as they prepare to launch and grow their business. RBC is one of many organizations whose support has enabled us to connect with entrepreneurs across Canada at different stages of their entrepreneurial journeys.

Here’s a look at how we are collaborating with RBC to help the next generation of entrepreneurs feel confident in making their dreams a reality.


Launch your business

RBC has connected young entrepreneurs aged 18-39 years old who are hoping to launch or grow their business with Futurpreneur. Since launching this referral program, we have seen over 150 interested and aspiring entrepreneurs across Canada connect with local Business Development Managers to learn more about how they can get started.


Perfect your business plan

Beginning in 2017, RBC joined us on a national tour to create a Rock My Business Plan (RMBP) workshop series designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs get the support they need to build a strong business plan and boost their confidence in launching their new business.


Through the RMBP workshop series we delivered 16 three-part workshops to 139 youth and 327 people total nationwide.


“It was my first experience and I exchanged contact information with fellow participants and facilitators so that after this finishes, I know who I can approach with questions so after this [workshop] finishes, I know specifically the people I can approach with questions to arrange a coaching session and to proceed with my plans for my project.” – RMBP Workshop Attendee


Arrange financing

As young people often find it challenging to secure financing without collateral, in April 2015 RBC extended Futurpreneur a new line of credit guaranteed by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), which allowed us to borrow the loan capital we provide to our members. This ground-breaking model will help approximately 1,000 aspiring young entrepreneurs per year to access the start-up capital they need to launch a business in Canada.


Register your business

If you are ready to officially launch your business, but are finding the registration process overly complicated and frustrating, Ownr  – the simplest, most convenient way to register or incorporate your business and build your brand – can help. Ownr has designed a seamless experience that reflects your passion as an aspiring business owner, providing the only platform you will need to setup, run and expand your business.


We are grateful to work with RBC to continue to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.


Find out how RBC can help you and your small business, visit today.

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