Manon was working in health research for 10 years when she decided it was time to bring her own vision of health to life 


“I wanted to create things with my vision in mind – my vision of health – which is holistic and combines all the elements of a person into their overall health.”  


Manon launched Holistic Homeostasis Health Clinic & Yoga Studio in Dalhousie, New Brunswick, offering Holistic Health Consultations, Naturotherapy, Energy Healing, Yoga, and Birth and Postpartum Doula Services.


Operating part-time since 2014, Manon applied for a Futurpreneur loan to expand and transition her health and wellness services into a full-time business 


“Since 2014 I was kind of doing it part-time, kind of on the side, but since April 2018 I put my whole focus in it. It was May this year when I decided to expand so now it’s really my own space and my first experience having that being my sole income and also me being responsible for the whole space.”  



For Manon, the scariest part of the process was leaving the security and stability of her full-time job, but the element of freedom was enough motivation to drive her. 


“My biggest fears came when I quit my permanent job. In a way it did feel nice to feel that safety, but…what if I wanted to take more than three weeks off? Or what if I wanted to do this for a month? It was really the element of freedom, or lack of, that motivated me towards having my own business,” says Manon. 


Of course I have to work, but I can create my own work hours. If I need to close the shop to take care of my daughter I can do that. And there’s the financial aspect that’s also a big factor – having to worry about basic financial needs, having the insurance coverage, extended health coverage…I’m still navigating that.” 


Pivotal to her journey as a first-time full-time entrepreneur has been Manon’s mentor. A retired engineer, Manon says having the support and guidance of a mentor outside of her industry has been particularly beneficial for her and her journey.  


“Honestly I am very happy about how it all turned out. He’s very helpful and brings a different perspective, and I guess having someone in your industry has its strengths but having someone outside is also very valuable because he brings his own perspective and he understands. He’s able to extrapolate his knowledge and his experience and make it applicable to my business,” says Manon. 


“I’ve met with him about four times now, but every time I feel re-energized. I have no experience in business [and] I just want someone who understands me. I just want someone who’s going to be helpful. It was important for me to have someone who was heart-based and heart-led…because yes, it’s a business, but overall the business is you, and you’re human.”  


As Manon continues to build and grow her business, focused on prevention and empowering people to take ownership of their health, she aspires to work towards a holistic health clinic that is collaborative with other health professionals in the area.  


Her advice for other young entrepreneurs?  


“Sort out accounting from the beginning! And surround yourself with a team that’s going to help you succeed.”





If you’re in the area, join Manon during one of her yoga sessions! Find out more about Holistic Homeostasis Health Clinic & Yoga and view their latest schedule on their website and Facebook 


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