When you are tired of being a simple employee, you start to think about opening your own business, and this decision may lead you to a great success. In fact, there are many industries in Canada where you can succeed as an entrepreneur; the most important thing is choosing the right one for you, which will fit your skills and opportunities.


If 2019 is the year you decide to take the first step into entrepreneurship, here are 4 startup ideas to consider when planning and exploring your small business options!



Online Store

In fact, online shopping gets more and more popular every year. That’s why, you can also try selling goods online. Online business demands less investment that a brick-and-mortar store and you can save considerable sums of money by not paying rent and salaries to a big staff of employees as you can do that job at home yourself, at least at the start.


The other question is what to sell. You may hold the research and find out what goods are in demand. For instance, gadgets and clothes are always sold well. Or, you can turn your hobby into business. For instance, if you like collecting posters, you may open an online poster store, for example like printmeposter.com.


Professional Advice Services

If you are a specialist in a certain sphere, like accounting, management, marketing or something else, you can earn money on your knowledge and experience. You may consult business owners, organize classes, which will help others to improve their skills, or even open an educational centre.


What’s great about this startup is that your services can remain demanded for many years. If you are a lifetime learner and constantly develop and update your skills, you will be able to earn good money for your pieces of advice, which will be always be up to date.


Repair Services

If you have a talent of repairing things, this skill may bring you good money. Repairing services are always in demand as well as skillful people, who can provide them. You can start such a business alone and later, start to hire other employees.


Of course, the choice of specialization depends on your skills. If you know much about vehicles, you can open a car repairing service. Maybe, it’s the most profitable business in repair sphere. Or, you can also repair computers, phones, household appliances and other gadgets. Also, a good idea is to repair professional equipment.


Event Planning

Event planning is one more type of business, which can be started without much money investment. Of course, in order to organize events, you need to be a calm and organized person. You can try to do this job alone and make agreements with freelance employees. Or, you can gather your own team. The latter variant may lead to better results and more profit.


You can start with organizing small events, like children’s birthdays or hen parties. After  that, you can go to more large-scale events like weddings or corporate parties.


Of course, you need to choose the specialization of your business, depending on your skills and interests. In Canada, there are many opportunities for developing business. You just need to choose the right sphere and have a strategy, which will lead you to success.


For help and guidance in your startup business planning visit the Futurpreneur Canada resource library here.



Ann Brown is the main editor at PrintMePoster.com Blog. 


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