Now, more than ever, budding and seasoned entrepreneurs alike could benefit from insights from their peers. Podcasts offer an educational and entertaining listen, whether you’re out for a walk, doing household chores, or just want to take the time to learn something new. Here are 10 podcasts for entrepreneurs to check out now:

For coast-to-coast business: Canada’s Podcast

Canada’s Podcast is more than just a show – it’s an online community that lets entrepreneurs stay connected. The episodes, hosted by a variety of experts, feature interviews with unique Canadian entrepreneurs hailing from cities across the country. They discuss how they got started, how they’re expanding, networking events they attend, helpful advice for new entrepreneurs, and more. This podcast is produced in both English and French, so be sure to check out their latest episodes or search for podcasts in your province.

For the budding entrepreneur: Startup Canada Podcasts

The Startup Canada Podcast brings together, celebrates and gives a voice to Canada’s entrepreneurship community. Host Rivers Corbett speaks to key players for insights on everything from social innovation to the future of work. This podcast offers up a new episode every Tuesday morning, so you can check in weekly to find out about the latest trends and lessons in Canadian entrepreneurship.

For women entrepreneurs: Thrive, The Brand is Female, The Go-To

Also hosted by Startup Canada, The Thrive Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs connects listeners to experts, mentorship, training and tools to help make your vision a reality. As the name suggests, their aim is to help women entrepreneurs thrive.

The Brand is Female podcast is produced by TD Bank as part of their program that aims to amplify women’s voices and brands. This podcast features women changemakers, including entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators. Their inspiring stories are about breaking the glass ceiling, pushing their own limitations and making the world a better place.

Futurpreneur partner organization Forum For Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) recently launched The Go-To, a biweekly show that interviews top Canadian entrepreneurs about the strategies, resources and entrepreneurial secrets that helped them develop and grow their brands. (Be sure to check out the episode featuring Futurpreneur alumni Taran Ghatrora!)

For entrepreneurs who aren’t ready to quit their day jobs: The Side Hustle School

The Side Hustle School podcast is a daily podcast that highlights success stories of entrepreneurs who have started small businesses without quitting their jobs, using the skills they already have. This podcast supplements other useful tools to help budding entrepreneurs put their great ideas into action. Each episode is under 10 minutes long, so you can easily get a daily dose of inspiration to get your side hustle off the ground.

For seasoned entrepreneurs: The Harvard Business Review IdeaCast

The HBR IdeaCast features thought leaders in all areas of business and innovation. The podcast is about half an hour long, with new episodes com oingut weekly and is about 30 minutes long. There are over 600 archived episodes to choose from, featuring in-depth interviews with authorities on topics like leadership, marketing, negotiating remotely, empowering workers and much more. This podcast often focuses on large corporate issues, but small business owners who want to up their game will find lots of innovative ideas that can be applied in their own businesses.

For French-speaking entrepreneurs: Génération Do It Yourself and Les Dérengeants

Génération Do It Yourself offers interviews of entrepreneurs who often have unusual pathways to success. Some guests have suffered setbacks and failures, but all their stories are intriguing. Host Matthieu Stefani interviews guests who have started up unique businesses in some unexpected industries. The podcast also features industry leaders who are known internationally for their insights and expertise. Stefani’s enthusiasm for the topics he discusses with his guests is infectious.

Les Dérengeants are made up of seven young entrepreneurs who offer frank conversations about their experiences in the start-up world. In each episode of you meet amazing people who are leaders in their industry. The podcast also features discussions about launching a new business and entrepreneurial news. Les Dérengeants aims to showcase Quebec’s “new generation of entrepreneurs” and to inspire new young entrepreneurs to start up businesses of their own.

For mentors and mentees: The Michelle Obama Podcast

Futurpreneur CEO Karen Greve Young is a big fan of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s podcast – particularly a recent two-part series on the role mentorship has played in Obama’s career journey. “They highlight the importance of the mentor-mentee relationship in both directions. The podcast with her mentees also demonstrates the importance of peer support,” Greve Young says.

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