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Mike Booth of Massage Athletica. / Mike Booth, de Massage Athletica. Alexey Saltykov of InsurEye Inc. / Alexey Saltykov, d'InsurEye inc. Ryan MacGregor of SweetSeat. / Ryan MacGregor of SweetSeat. Dr. Benjamin Stevens of Valeo Health Clinic. / Dr Benjamin Stevens, de la clinique Valeo Health Zach Wolff of Exigence Technologies Inc. / Zach Wolff, d'Exigence Technologies inc. Cindy Tran of Sweet Petite Confectioner. / Cindy Tran of Sweet Petite Confectioner. M. Jean-Guy Furois

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Try it and see what happens. Starting your own business is a lot of work and it may not be for you, but it’s better to have tried it and to know for sure. You won’t go to work and complain about your boss if you are the boss. – Graeme

Do as much research as you can beforehand. It’s best to ask a lot of questions when you’re just starting out so that you avoid falling into any unnecessary traps later on. – Johnny ”

Graeme Luey and Johnny Hollick of #Hashtag Gallery. / Graeme Luey et Johnny Hollick, de #Hashtag Gallery.
Graeme Luey, Johnny Hollick #Hashtag Gallery