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Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed of Wear Your Label. / Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed of Wear Your Label. Alex Ethans, Andrew Parkes and Maciek Hunek of Eph Apparel Inc. / Alex Ethans, Andrew Parkes et Maciek Hunek, d'Eph Apparel inc. Lily Tse of Think Dirty Inc. / Lily Tse, de Think Dirty inc. M. Jean-Guy Furois Shadi Hagag of Trans-Plan Transportation Inc. / Shadi Hagag, de Trans-Plan Transportation inc. Robb Price of / Robb Price, de JP Desjardins of Wallrus. / JP Desjardins, de Wallrus.

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For people thinking about becoming an entrepreneur – do it. Embrace your creativity, let go of fear, accept the uncertainty, realize failure is a means to learning and work on painting your own picture of the future.”

Kimberly Cope of Early Entrepreneurs Inc. / Kimberly Cope, d'Early Entrepreneurs inc.
Kimberly Cope Early Entrepreneurs Inc