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Roxanne Tétreault of Esprits Libres Communications. / Roxanne Tétreault, d'Esprits Libres Communications. David Boudreault and Olivier Carbonneau of Ratomic Lab (CycleMap). / David Boudreault et Olivier Carbonneau, de Ratomic Lab (CycleMap). Ken LeBlanc of PropertyGuys.com / Ken LeBlanc, de PropertyGuys.com Lily Tse of Think Dirty Inc. / Lily Tse, de Think Dirty inc. Jeremy O’Krafka of MENTORNetwork. / Jeremy O’Krafka, de MENTORNetwork. Jordan Presseault of Cinema Works Entertainment. / Jordan Presseault, de Cinema Works Entertainment. Lisa von Sturmer

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Mentoring helps entrepreneurs learn about small business management, achieve personal and professional goals, and advance in their small business venture by offering incredible networking opportunities. ”

Meghan Anderson of The Chef’s Hat Catering Company. / Meghan Anderson, de The Chef’s Hat Catering Company.
Meghan Anderson The Chef’s Hat Catering Company