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Jason Joseph Richard of Prop2Go NB Inc. / Jason Joseph Richard, de Prop2Go NB inc. Heather Hinam of Second Nature Adventure in Discovery. / Heather Hinam, de Second Nature Adventure in Discovery. Ernesto Medina Jordan of QSQ Giclée Boutique Inc. Ken LeBlanc of PropertyGuys.com / Ken LeBlanc, de PropertyGuys.com Adrien Sicard and Julie Delisle Beeye. / Adrien Sicard et Julie Delisle, de Beeye. Mike Booth of Massage Athletica. / Mike Booth, de Massage Athletica. Robb Price of DeliverGood.org / Robb Price, de DeliverGood.org Jeremy O’Krafka of MENTORNetwork. / Jeremy O’Krafka, de MENTORNetwork.

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My mentor Charlotte was able to give me points of view I did not always consider when faced with challenges. Her motivation in her own business inspired me.”

Alison Smith of Thera-Ped Moncton Inc. / Alison Smith, de Thera-Ped Moncton inc.
Alison Smith Thera-Ped Moncton Inc.