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Alex Ethans, Andrew Parkes and Maciek Hunek of Eph Apparel Inc. / Alex Ethans, Andrew Parkes et Maciek Hunek, d'Eph Apparel inc. Ryan Slater and Zach Berman of The Juice Truck. / Ryan Slater et Zach Berman, de The Juice Truck. Jordan Presseault of Cinema Works Entertainment. / Jordan Presseault, de Cinema Works Entertainment. Al Norman Samantha Chan of Paintlounge. / Samantha Chan, de Paintlounge. Roslyn Bergen and Victoria Etherington of The Sweet Side. / Roslyn Bergen et Victoria Etherington, de The Sweet Side. Ryan MacGregor of SweetSeat. / Ryan MacGregor of SweetSeat.

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Being an entrepreneur in the start-up stage has a stunning effect. No one arrives there alone. You have to communicate your passion and encourage other players to follow suit. Being an entrepreneur is not so easy, so you must ensure that the small decisions you make every day will make you happy. - Félix Marzell”

David Barabé and Félix Marzell of Dix au carré. / David Barabé and Félix Marzell of Dix au carré.
David Barabé & Félix Marzell Dix au carré