Articles by Futurpreneur Staff

  • A Look Back at 2019

     As 2019 comes to a close, we thought we would take a look at some of your favourite stories from the year. Whether you’ve missed these stories or just want a refresher, check them out below!    Top 3…Start-Up Stories  Caitlyn Ngu is changing the centuries-old resume with HireUp, the founder of HireUp, a web-based platform that […]

  • Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019

     Canada was buzzing with activity this November for Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2019, joining more than 170 countries in the largest celebration of entrepreneurship. GEW 2019 centred around the themes of education, ecosystems, inclusion and policy. Futurpreneur Canada celebrated as the national host with a schedule of digital and in-person events across the country, including the […]

  • 10 Businesses Ready to Accelerate their Growth this Fall

    This November, ten Futurpreneur-supported businesses will come to Toronto for expert guidance and support to help them grow their businesses at the Fall 2019 Growth Accelerator.    These entrepreneurs pitched in front of judges for their chance to be part of this exclusive program and we’re excited to announce them today. The decision to grow your business is the first […]

  • Mentor Spotlight on Steve Sabey

    Mentor Spotlight - Steve Sabey

     Steve started his career as a geologist in the oil and gas business. After progressing through technical work, Steve discovered a passion for helping companies and people grow, and has been doing just that as a volunteer mentor working with young entrepreneurs launching their Futurpreneur-supported businesses. While your first thought about launching your business might be […]

  • From Far and Wide: Celebrating Canada’s Diverse Young Entrepreneurs

    The next generation of young Canadians launching small businesses across the country are the future and backbone of our nation and our economy. We celebrated the diverse young entrepreneurs strengthening communities across the nation this Canada Day with the stories of five Futurpreneur-supported business owners from far and wide.    Nicola Robertson, Diamond Physiotherapy  Nicola is […]

  • Indigenous Businesses Giving Back to Communities

     Entrepreneurship is on the rise across Canada, and most notably so in Indigenous communities. In 2016, more than 43,000 Indigenous people declared themselves self-employed, according to a survey conducted by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. For many Indigenous entrepreneurs, despite the challenges and barriers in access to tools, networks and resources, starting a business […]

  • Futurpreneur Canada is now offering $60,0000 in financing for young entrepreneurs

    What would you do with an extra 15k? At Futurpreneur, we know that launching a business can be tough, especially for young entrepreneurs. There are so many different start-up costs, and the reality is that young people often have the hardest time accessing loans to start their businesses. That’s why starting June 18, 2019, we are now […]

  • How Digital Marketing Can Help A Growing Business Gain Traction

    How Digital Marketing Can Help A Growing Business Gain Traction

     Digital marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways for businesses of any size to further extend their reach and significantly grow their customer base.  What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services with the help of digital channels or mediums, mainly on the internet. It encompasses everything from […]

  • Stories of scaling: How one Brampton entrepreneur is hoping to make it big with a mobile-sharing solution


     Things are moving very quickly for Vijay Ranganathapura and his tech company IQRoots Inc. The Futurpreneur-supported business is expanding its presence into the US after launching just two years ago, having already secured clients in both Canada and India. The Brampton company’s flagship technology, Veue, is a voice-enabled mobile application or plug-in that allows people to share […]

  • Why my company aspires to grow better, not bigger

    Hipo focuses on sustainable growth over rapid growth

    Rapid growth isn’t right for every company. Taylan Pince, CEO of Hipo, explains why sustainability and team happiness are vital ingredients for long-term success.   When I tell people that my technology company regularly turns down seed funding, they look at me sideways. But here’s what many don’t realize: rapid growth may not be the best thing […]

  • Mentor Spotlight: Sue Underhill

    Sue Underhill is the owner of Maximum Physiotherapy and has been a volunteer mentor with Futurpreneur since 2017. Having benefitted herself from professional mentors and business coaches in her career for the last 20 years, Sue is passionate about sharing her skills and insights to build knowledge and confidence in the next generation of entrepreneurs. […]

  • Mentor Spotlight: Juan Navarro

    Mentor Spotlight Juan Navarro

    Juan cites hard work, passion and enthusiasm as key factors in his career, and is dedicated to sharing his insights and experience to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs as a volunteer mentor with Futurpreneur. “I have always tried to listen to two main things – first, my inner voice which includes my dreams, interests and […]

  • Starting a business…with Tiffany Chu, Yumcha

    Tiffany went from reluctant kombucha drinker to passionate producer and distributor. See how Tiffany landed in the world of kombucha creation and how her mentor guided her in crucial decision-making processes that paved the way for promoting health and wellness in her community through her business, Yumcha.    What is Yumcha?  Yumcha produces small batch […]