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Articles by Natalia Manzocco

  • Meet Mona-Lisa Prosper, Futurpreneur’s Director, Black Entrepreneurs

    Mona-Lisa Prosper, Director, Black Entrepreneurs, Futurpreneur

    Mona-Lisa Prosper is the new Director, Black Entrepreneurs at Futurpreneur – a culmination of a multifaceted career that’s spanned a broad variety of fields and disciplines. Over the past decade, Prosper has garnered experience in the fields of law, entrepreneurship, economic development and talent acquisition, working with everyone from tech firms to fashion designers. Along […]

  • Njeri Watkins: Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs

    Njeri Watkins is passionate about helping entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. She comes by that passion honestly: As a seventh-generation member of a foundational Black community in Nova Scotia, Watkins, of Njeri Watkins Consulting, says she grew in up a community that was steadfast in its support for Black business leaders and entrepreneurs. […]

  • Felicita Ovadje: Lawyer-turned-beauty entrepreneur

    Felicita Ovadje describes herself as the artsy one in a family of overachievers. When the founder of Felicheeta Artistry was plugging her way through her final year of law school, she found herself in desperate need of a creative outlet. “I was having a really hard time emotionally,” Ovadje recalls. “All I wanted to do […]

  • Kaela Kay: Balancing tradition and modernity

    This year, in honour of Black History Month, Futurpreneur is profiling a series of exceptional Black entrepreneurship leaders in our network—entrepreneurs and mentors who are making a difference in their communities.   A party invite nearly a decade ago changed the trajectory of Catherine Addai’s career. Addai is the designer and entrepreneur behind Kaela Kay, […]

  • Janelle Hinds: Entrepreneur, mentor and champion of diversity in STEM

    This year, in honour of Black History Month, Futurpreneur is profiling a series of exceptional Black entrepreneurship leaders in our network—entrepreneurs and mentors who are making a difference in their communities. Janelle Hinds wears many hats – and the collection is only growing. Toronto-based Hinds is the founder and executive director of Helping Hands, an […]

  • HABIIT Athletics: Métis-Co-Owned Gym Sets Sights On Growth

    NOTE: In spring of 2021, Crew Rowhouse rebranded as HABIIT Athletics. For the latest on their new concept, check out their website. — “We weren’t on a mission to start a business,” Crew Rowhouse co-founder Lorne Prefontaine says.   But a mutual love of fitness – particularly rowing – led Prefontaine and Crew co-founder Sheena Beatty to ditch […]

  • How Oat Of The Ordinary started a business during COVID-19

    Choosing to start a new business during COVID-19 might seem like a challenge – but for Vancouver-based Oat Of The Ordinary, it’s turned out to be a recipe for success.  Before the pandemic, Chara Krangle – like many – was traveling frequently for work. A nutritionist by trade, Krangle wanted to ensure she was getting a nutritious breakfast on the go, so […]

  • Growth Accelerator 2021: Meet the entrepreneurs learning to grow their businesses

    How do you successfully grow a business into new sectors or markets—especially during a global pandemic? Starting this week through to September, 25 young entrepreneurs from across the country will receive expert guidance on how to grow their businesses internationally, launch new products or move into new sectors with Futurpreneur’s Growth Accelerator, an exclusive program taking […]

  • Maker Cube: “If you’re going to start something, it might as well be now”

    How Futurpreneur’s 2019 Entrepreneur Of The Year winners adapted during COVID-19 – and why they think now might be the best time to start a new business Maker Cube was created in 2018 to offer space for cooped-up entrepreneurs lacking accessible workspaces and connect lonely, isolated small business owners – goals that would become even […]

  • Meet Futurpreneur’s 2020 Mentor Of The Year and Finalists

    Mentorship is at the core of the support Futurpreneur offers to young entrepreneurs across Canada. Each year, we celebrate our fantastic mentors across the country who have volunteered tirelessly to support over 13,000 young entrepreneurs in our community, helping them launch and grow successful businesses from coast to coast to coast.  The Vivian Prokop Mirchandani Mentorship Award goes to a mentor […]

  • Futurpreneur and the Government of Manitoba team up to support small businesses

    Today, Futurpreneur Canada is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Government of Manitoba that will allow us to further our mission of helping young entrepreneurs launch and sustain successful businesses across the province. The partnership will provide Futurpreneur with $750,000 in new funding over three years, creating an estimated 150 new youth-led businesses and 400 jobs across the province.  “We’re very grateful for this support from the Government of Manitoba as […]

  • Franchise or startup? This Indigenous entrepreneur is balancing both

    Indigenous entrepreneur

    It’s a quandary many young entrepreneurs face: Should you start out with a more tried-and-true business model, or blaze new trails with an original, unproven idea? Toronto’s Libby Garg, who operates three restaurant franchises and founded her own HR technology firm, is balancing both. Until a few years ago, Garg, who is Indigenous and grew […]

  • Sampler’s Marie Chevrier on battling burnout as an entrepreneur

    Futurpreneur’s upcoming event on Mental Health & Entrepreneurship, the latest in our Trailblazers series, features young entrepreneurs offering personal stories about the highs and lows of business ownership—and how they manage through it all. That topic certainly hits home for entrepreneur Marie Chevrier. Chevrier. who is moderating the event, is the founder and CEO of […]

  • Side Hustle: Meet the entrepreneurs

    Having a part-time business is a smart way to pursue your passions and prepare for the future of work. Grow your business part-time at your own pace with low-interest, unsecured financing of up to $15,000 and the support of a mentor through Futurpreneur’s Side Hustle program, sponsored by TD Bank Group. We interviewed four entrepreneurs […]

  • G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit: A global opportunity for young entrepreneurs

    Looking to meet entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world? Want to shape policy as an ambassador for youth entrepreneurship? Become part of Canada’s delegation at the 2020 G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) Summit on October 29 and 30. Before every annual G20 Leaders’ Summit, the G20 YEA brings together hundreds of the world’s top young […]