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Vocal Fry Studios: A Space for Inclusive Storytelling

Katie and Vicky are journalists who saw a gap in the world of modern storytelling – a safe and inclusive podcast workspace.While the medium of podcasting has grown to become a mainstay news and information source for today’s digital generation, Katie and Vicky wanted to create a platform for the stories that are overlooked and […]

  • Busy season for accountants can be taxing

    Ellis Orlan, BA, CPA, SF Partnership LLP, Toronto, ON, CYBF Mentor, eorlan@sfgroup.caAll accountants know that tax season and small business deadlines dictate that a disproportionate percentage of our business flows in the first half of each year.  From the moment you enter the profession you know (and have to make it known), that your time […]

  • Managing seasonality to be a profit generator

    Sidney Halpern, Chartered Accountant, Winnipeg, MB, CYBF MentorSeasonality in the business cycle can be the greatest profit generator. Conversely, if improperly managed, it can be the greatest cause of business failures.Overheads are incurred 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year! If revenue does not match that cycle, those unmatched […]

  • The week that was: July 2 – 6

    This was a short week here at CYBF but we’ve still been moving and shaking over here with our programs for the summer! The FuEL Awards & CYBF Chairman’s Awards for Best Business has some fantastic candidates so far! Deadline is July 16th to apply  so go now! Voting is LIVE until July 31st!  So […]

  • The week that was: June 25 – 29

    What a packed week before the long weekend! We may have closed a day early but we definitely deserved it! Here is what CYBF has been up to and what goodies are yet to come! The FuEL Awards and CYBF Chairman’s Award for Best Business deadline for applications has been extended to July 16th, 2012!! […]

  • Growing your business through positive word-of-mouth

    Amanda Saunders, founder of Winnipeg, Manitoba-based EPIC Dealer Solutions Ltd. built her business around making connections. Unfortunately, independent car dealerships are unable to garner financing for more than half of their customers. EPIC Dealer Solutions helps independent dealerships of various sizes develop and maintain relationships with lenders so their customers can afford to purchase vehicles.Amanda […]

  • Deadline EXTENDED to July 16th 2012!

    If you are still interested in applying to the CYBF Chairman’s Awards and FuEL Awards and need more time, you’re in luck! In spirit of the long weekend, we have extended the deadline to July 16th, 2012! Happy Canada Day everyone!Entrepreneurs – your chance to apply to two great award programs and amazing prizes is […]

  • Getting into Linkedin

    Vishal Badiani, Sheridan College, Milton, ON, CYBF volunteerSales don’t come directly from social media but rather the relationships you build through social media lead to sales. Linkedin is great for gaining insider connections, searching business opportunities and sharing advice with your network.Firstly, determine your goals. What type of individuals, groups or companies would you like […]

  • The interview – another test of the initiative of the candidate

    Terry Thompson, Surrey, BC, CYBF Mentor, tesh@shaw.caManaging Corporate Culture article seriesAs described in my earlier articles, one of the key characteristics of a great employee is a high degree of self-initiative.  A good test is to ask candidates: What they know about your company (e.g. vision, values, mission, products/services provided, the competition, how it differentiates […]

  • Benefits of dashboards for your financial spreadsheets

    Simon Selkrig, Strategize Financial Modelling,, Montreal, QCHere are ten benefits of dashboards with your financial spreadsheets. A summarised output of your financial numbers, which helps you to quickly ascertain your business’ profitability (income statement), financial strength (balance sheet), and its ability to generate cash (cash flow statement), when presented in a tabular format. A […]

  • Networking elements for success

    Sidney Halpern, Chartered Accountant, Winnipeg, MB, CYBF MentorWhen it comes to networking, I have discovered these important elements in achieving success in both business and my personal life:Making personal face-to-face contact, and eye contact, is the most effective means of networking properly so one can truly absorb what is being communicated. Social media is great […]

  • Making an effective elevator pitch

    Milan Vrekic, Mojo Labs Co. &, @truejebus, Halifax, NS, CYBF entrepreneurOpen with a clear explanation of what you do. You should be able to communicate this in one or two sentences. For example, you can say “our company provides a better way to manage all your contacts in one place.” In many cases, entrepreneurs […]

  • Six tips to networking

    Cathy Yeomans, Imagine Public Relations, White Rock, BC, The purpose of networking is to meet people – not only potential customers/clients, but also people to create partnerships, business relationships and general connections. To get the best results you’re your networking efforts, consider these tips: Dress professionally, appropriately and keep your body language open. Introduce […]

  • G20 YES Mexico – An overview

    At the beginning of June, 2012, 20 young entrepreneurs from across Canada, along with 400 other young entrepreneurs from across all G20 countries wrapped up the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit (G20 YES) in Mexico City.The summit had many highlights, but I’d like to point out a couple of them. During three full days of activities, […]

  • Four semi-finalists compete for $100,000

    The four semi-finalists for this year’s TELUS Challenge Contest have been chosen.Find out who they are and read their storiesThe winner of the $100,000 grant will be announced in September, 2012.TELUS and CYBF are promoting this exciting contest to inspire and support entrepreneurs across the country, and are working together to help launch more CYBF […]

  • Growing your network is part of business

    Neechie Gear is all about people. That’s why founder Kendal Netmaker decided to use the word ‘neechie’ in his company’s name, which means ‘my friend’ in Plains Cree language. Neechie Gear is an Aboriginal clothing company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that outfits youth athletes across Canada and promotes the positive aspects of sports among youth. When it […]

  • Top ten tips for networking

    Bobby Umar, P. Eng, MBA, Raeallan, Toronto, ON, CYBF MentorNetworking is fundamental to how I run my business and create relationships. I love networking because it has given me so many amazing opportunities and experiences in my life and I have met some incredibly inspiring and nurturing individuals with the advent of social media. I […]

  • Easy ways to start a great conversation

    Jean Lepage, Développement économique – CLD Gatineau, Gatineau, QC, CYBF community partnerDoes the idea of walking into a room full of strangers make you nervous? You are not alone! Perhaps with the exception of President Barak Obama, Oprah Winfrey and the Dalai Lama, most of the rest of us get butterflies in our stomach when […]

  • Perfecting your elevator pitch

    Karen Milde, Reframe Marketing, Vancouver, BC, CYBF Mentor, An elevator pitch is always a challenge to write for your very own company. Basically, you eat, live, and breathe your business everyday such that it is difficult to distill it down into a short, concise explanation. On top of that, it is sometimes very difficult to […]