Financial Insights

  • The Importance of Financial Literacy

    Written By: Alex Tveit, Vice President, Morrison FinancialThere are some key pillars that are important when you are creating the foundation for your business. You need to understand the initial legal framework where you are operating, you need to understand your market, and you need to understand your numbers.It is easy to get caught up […]

  • Finding My First Investors

    Written By: Brooke Hansen on behalf of Joelle Parenteau, Founder, XpeeriaThere is no tried and true formula or algorithm for finding investors. From Shark Tank to Kickstarter, angel investors to friends and family, there are so many different ways to fundraise. For Xpeeria’s founder, Joelle Parenteau, the process of raising her first round of funding […]

  • Financial Literacy 101: The Seven Basic Elements of Cash Flow

    Written By: Alex Glassey, www.AlexGlassey.comThis we know: 82% of businesses that fail, fail because of cash flow problems. Because of this, business owners are encouraged to become “financially literate”. But what does that mean?Wikipedia says that financial literacy “…refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions […]

  • The Pension Question: Whither CPP Expansion?

    Written By: Brett Hughes, Business Writer, CFIBFor a start-up business owner, meeting payroll may not be your immediate concern, given that your business is just getting off the ground.A slate of full-time employees might come a few years down the road, once you’ve firmly established your business model and taken some steps towards scalability, and, […]