Legal Insights

  • Protect Your Business from Legal Action

    Written by: TruShield Insurance  There is a common myth among business owners that you can protect your business from legal action by simply shutting it down. Shutting down your business isn’t an effective strategy, since courts generally do not care whether a business is still operational when making a ruling. Regardless of whether you’re in […]

  • Going Abroad? Don’t Forget your Intellectual Property

    The doors to the global marketplace are open. It has never been easier for businesses to sell their goods and services, or license and franchise their intellectual property (IP) rights outside their national borders. IP rights, however, are territorial—so they are usually only secured in the country or region where you have applied for and […]

  • Think IP: Help Your Business Grow

    In today’s market, intellectual property (IP) is an important asset for most corporations, and is equally as valuable for emerging businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses with formal IP protection are more likely to expand into foreign markets, and four times more likely to export their goods to foreign markets. But you don’t have to export […]

  • Innovation and Intellectual Property

    You’ve probably heard about how important it is to be innovative. Whether it’s in the business section of your local newspaper, in a major economic magazine, or on your favourite entrepreneurial blog, everyone is talking about innovation and how it’s the secret to success. But with innovation always in the limelight, intellectual property (IP) is […]