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  • 24 Micro-Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media (And Why You Should)

    Written by: Shelby Andrews, Marketing Manager, Atlas Communications Product launches, anniversaries and milestones, urgent updates – a typical company’s social media calendar will be filled with all sorts of information. While it’s important to use social media to promote brand and product awareness, if you only use your platforms for sales purposes you’ll bore your […]

  • Leader Spotlight on Shelley Mayer of Ramp Communications

    Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Shelley Mayer always felt the draw towards becoming an entrepreneur herself. In 2011, after ten years in national automotive sales and marketing, she made that dream come true by starting Ramp Communications. She loved the creative side of marketing and communications and was very interested in helping non-profit organizations […]

  • Talking Sales with Expert Mark Mantha

    With over 30 years of experience in a variety of client and business development senior roles, Mark Mantha brings a vast knowledge of various industries to Futurpreneur Canada as a mentor, including healthcare, IT, consumer, communications and digital media. Mark has won awards for his outstanding history in his business development efforts, program launches, sales […]

  • How to Use Blogging to Market Your Business

    Written by: Shelby Andrews, Marketing Manager, Atlas Communications If you’re reading this, you’ve probably made the decision to start a company blog. If so, give yourself a pat on the back, because this is a brilliant idea! Blogging is an excellent way to position your business as a thought leader. Not only will sharing your […]

  • Experts Tackle Branding Challenges with GentStone

    Described as resourceful and ambitious, Blessy Urbi, Owner of GentStone, a luxury jewelry brand in Vancouver, started her own business to have a legacy she could leave behind and financial independence. Blessy not only balances her own business but works as a Senior Administrative Assistant at CIBC Mellon while also attending Douglas College to finish […]