Join Futurpreneur’s Entrepreneur-In-Residence in an engaging webinar as they take you through key questions to determine where you are with your business idea.

The webinar will also outline how to be part of the Entrepeneur-In-Residence program: free coaching sessions for those entrepreneurs who want to launch their business. You will also learn what free resources you have available to you.

Create momentum and set your business idea in the right direction.

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About our Entrepreneurs-In-Residence

Our team of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence have been helping entrepreneurs across Canada for years. From showing you how to develop a marketing plan to providing a crash course on business finances, they are here to make the launching of your business less overwhelming!

Dominik Loncar

Located in: Toronto, Ontario

Dominik has started three businesses and currently runs a social purpose business. Over the past 12 years he has helped more than 200 start-ups get off the ground.

He has worked with entrepreneurs from a cross section of industries, including IT, online, retail, service, and both traditional and innovation-based businesses. Dominik’s practical and down-to-earth approach helps entrepreneurs focus on the priorities that matter most.

Please note that Dominik delivers webinars and training in English only.

Chad Fryling

Located in: Vancouver, British Columbia

Chad has extensive experience advising, coaching and training adults in business across many different industries. He has started up a couple of businesses in the education space and has successfully managed several large, multi-million dollar construction projects.

Chad is a passionate, serial entrepreneur who is excited about helping you get to the next level in business. He is known for his personable, practical, authentic approach to business planning and has helped many young entrepreneurs achieve success.

Please note that Chad delivers webinars and training in English only.

Jean-Philippe L’Écuyer

Located in: Montreal, Quebec

Jean-Philippe L’Écuyer holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and a Master’s of Management Sciences from HEC Montréal, specializing in entrepreneurship. He is the author of a scientific publication on visionary leadership of entrepreneurs and is pursuing research on the topic of entrepreneurship.

Jean-Philippe has accumulated experience advising entrepreneurs and counselling management across medium and large businesses. He has developed strategic mandates for different industries and he has accompanied many entrepreneurs through the start-up, consolidation and growth phases of their businesses.

Please note that Jean-Philippe delivers webinars in French only.


"Amazing, the instructor was clear, concise, I couldn't write faster, just some amazing insights. I love the fact he did not use any empty words, just straight to point, and this ensured the message went through."

"Very informative and clearly delivered."

"It's really more of a small group session than a webinar. Getting specific feedback from the EIR on my business idea was invaluable. It was much better than I expected."

"Clear, concise, to the point."