Apply for the Futurpreneur Canada Awards 2018!

Think you have what it takes to be recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year? Do you believe you’ve contributed as an astounding mentor? Time to find out!

Returning this year, The Futurpreneur Canada 2018 Awards will be presented to Futurpreneur-supported entrepreneurs and mentors who have made a positive contribution to Canada's entrepreneurial community.

It’s time to celebrate milestones, successes and challenges of small business owners like you.

Apply now and inspire us by sharing your story *.

This year's winners will be announced at the end of Small Business Week on October 22, 2018 and all winners will be flown to Toronto to be recognized for their accomplishments at a celebration event in early 2019.

The Categories:

Entrepreneur of the Year

The Entrepreneur of the Year award, goes to a young entrepreneur who has made a mark on the entrepreneurial landscape through their exemplary activities and leadership of their company, as well as their engagement in the entrepreneurship community.

Disruption Award

The 2018 Disruption Award goes to a business that demonstrates innovation and industry disruption that benefits their community.

Grit Award

The Grit Award goes to a business that demonstrates overcoming failure while showing dedication, perseverance and finding success in spite of those challenges.


Growing Strong

The Growing Strong Award goes to a business that has successfully expanded its operations to new locations outside of their original market, either nationally or internationally.

Vivian Prokop Mirchandani

Mentorship Award

The Mentor Award goes to a mentor who demonstrates a sincere and empowering commitment to mentoring young entrepreneurs and helping build the small business community.

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* Applications are now open until September 24.

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