Announcing the Futurpreneur Canada 2018 Award Winners!

The Categories:

The 2018 Futurpreneur Entrepreneur of the Year award goes to a young entrepreneur or young entrepreneurs who have made a mark on the entrepreneurial landscape through their exemplary activities and leadership of their company, as well as their engagement in the entrepreneurship community.

“To be a founder made me realize my potential, the potential of my company and its expansion through international opportunities. Being a female entrepreneur is an opportunity to represent women in business and to be a role model for other young women entrepreneurs. As I am newcomer in Canada and new to the Entrepreneurship Complex in Montreal but I am proud and for a short time I gained the trust of the community”.

Escritoire Coworking Space Inc is unique shared workspace where modern professionals can work productively—right in their local communities. More than anything, we’re focused on the genuine passion our members feel for their neighbors and neighborhoods. So we’re working to foster community (instead of forcing it) by striving to be good neighbors ourselves—to embrace and be embraced by the neighborhoods we serve and to facilitate local connections between our members.

The Growing Strong Award goes to a business that has successfully expanded its operations to new locations outside of their original market, either nationally or internationally.

Armen Bakirtzian, Intellijoint Surgical

“Intellijoint’s flagship product, Intellijoint HIP®, provides surgeons with real-time, intraoperative measurements to ensure accurate size selection, positioning, and alignment of orthopaedic implants during total hip replacements. In just two years of commercialization, Intellijoint HIP has been used to more accurately reconstruct over 6,500 total hip replacements. With the adoption rate of Intellijoint HIP growing rapidly, Intellijoint Surgical knew though that it needed to grow beyond its established markets. In 2017, Intellijoint expanded into the Australian and New Zealand markets with its newly earned CE Mark, and in September 2018 entered the European Union market”.

The 2018 Disruption Award goes to a business that has demonstrated innovation and industry disruption that benefits their community.

Gabriel Laliberté, Objectif Motivation Gym

"My company opens in private fitness. I offer a customized training service to my clients in the achievement of XYZ objectives and in order to modify life habits considered harmful. I change lives! I want to broaden my horizons in the medium term; have two or three employees, offer home service, offer web programs and develop partnerships with complementary people. It will be able even more to help to change and to modify habits of life. I want to leave a healthy legacy through my community, but especially the south shore of Quebec City. I definitely want to make myself known and shout to everyone: " Lezzzzzgoo !! "

The Grit Award goes to a business that has overcome failure, exhibited dedication and perseverance, and found success in spite of those challenges.

Harmanpreet Kaur, Spa Botanica

Spa Botanica is a full service day spa, with an Ayurvedic influence. Spa Botanica specializes in custom made skincare using pure ingredients such as turmeric, multani clay, sandalwood, rose petals, coconut, cucumber and more. Harmanpreet went into business with $0 in her personal and business accounts, relying on food banks to feed herself and her children, and overcame plenty of struggles and sacrifices to launch and grow Spa Botanica to the business that it is today.

The Mentor Award goes to a mentor who has demonstrated a sincere and empowering commitment to mentoring young entrepreneurs and helping build the small business community. A $1,000 prize in professional development will be awarded to the 5 finalists.

Juliana MacEwen, Precision Digital

Starting a business can feel very lonely at times, unless you have people that you can talk to who understand what you are going through. Juliana MacEwen realizes this and tries to lend a hand whenever she can to people who are taking the leap of faith to start their own business. Juliana is a great mentor because she goes above and beyond her mentoring role, she helps her mentees with many things such as the hiring new employees, she is kind and patient and helps her mentees see where they need to be more specific with certain things or perhaps change direction with certain ideas and know that it's ok to do that. Most importantly, she helped her mentees to become more confident with themselves as women in business. Juliana is very welcoming and confident. She gives off a vibe that makes everyone around her feel empowered.

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