Terms and Conditions

Roles and responsibilities

I agree to participate as a mentor for a Futurpreneur Canada entrepreneur. I understand that my advice or counsel is part of a mentoring relationship and I pledge to use my best judgment independent of personal bias in my role as a Futurpreneur Canada mentor. I understand that the entrepreneur remains fully and solely responsible for any and all personal and business decisions during his or her participation in Futurpreneur Canada’s mentoring offering and shall not create any fiduciary or other obligation with respect to any outcomes of the advice or assistance provided by me or by other Futurpreneur Canada associates.

Confidentiality and privacy

I agree I will not disclose the confidential or private information, which may include, but is not limited to the ideas, business information or personal affairs of or about the entrepreneur outside of Futurpreneur Canada without his or her explicit consent. Further, I agree I will discuss the personal and business affairs of the entrepreneur only with those people within Futurpreneur Canada who have a reasonable need to the information. I understand that discussions with Futurpreneur Canada will remain confidential, and that confidential records will be maintained. I further agree to take due care to safeguard all plans or other material entrusted to me by the entrepreneur or any Futurpreneur Canada representative.

Code of Conduct

I agree to engage in a mentoring relationship for which I am qualified based on my experience and competencies and will direct the entrepreneur to Futurpreneur Canada for issues or questions for which I feel unqualified. I will maintain a high level of personal and professional conduct with the entrepreneur(s) I mentor.

I will not use offensive language including but not limited to profanity, verbal abuse, sexually suggestive comments, derogatory remarks based on sex, religion, race, colour, ethnicity, country of origin, age, sexual orientation or sexual identity when communicating with the entrepreneur(s) in-person, verbally or in written form.

Mentors are expected to behave in a professional manner during Futurpreneur hosted events, working with Futurpreneur’s entrepreneurs, mentors and staff members. Any behaviours and relationships are to be kept professional at all times.

Conflict of interest

I will hold no financial investment in the business of the entrepreneur. I will immediately report any real, potential or perceived conflict of interest, personal interest, or competitive position of myself, mentors or others involved with Futurpreneur Canada to a Futurpreneur Canada staff member.

During the time of my mentorship as a Futurpreneur Canada mentor, I will not provide the entrepreneur(s) I mentor paid-for or pro-bono products or services through my own work or company.

Futurpreneur Canada will not be responsible for outcomes of paid or pro bono arrangements, should they occur, and the mentoring relationship will be brought to a close once we become aware of this type of exchange.

Time commitment

I will be available for a minimum of four hours of dedicated time with the entrepreneur each month to provide support consistent with the agreement we develop.



I agree to review mentor orientation materials prior to mentoring an entrepreneur, and will participate in the MENT2B relationship kick-off session with the entrepreneur.  Throughout the duration of the mentoring experience, I also agree to review Futurpreneur materials aimed at supporting the mentoring relationship.

Relationship management

I agree to attempt to work through any relationship conflicts that may arise. If the entrepreneur and I are unable to design or maintain a constructive and beneficial working relationship within the context of the mentoring offering, I will advise Futurpreneur Canada in order to find a resolution.

Authorization for release of information

I certify that I have not been involved in any criminal activity. However, I acknowledge that Futurpreneur Canada reserves the right to ask me for a criminal record search and that if requested, I will obtain this search. I release and agree to hold harmless Futurpreneur Canada, any person or agency providing such information from any and all liability arising from my request, use of, or reliance on such information.

Collection and use of information

Futurpreneur Canada, and any of its third-party service providers, collects and uses the Information provided by the mentor to assist with the administration and operation of our business including (a) screening and processing your mentorship application; (b) providing or facilitating mentorship activities and education; (c) initiating an account for a mentorship reporting platform; (d) supporting your volunteer mentoring experience; (e) aggregating mentorship data for program improvements, reporting, and marketing; (f) garnering opinions and comments in regard to Futurpreneur Canada’s operations; (g) as otherwise permitted or required by applicable law; and (h) as may be required. All of the purposes listed above will be referred to as “Purposes” from here on.

Individual mentor Information will not be shared without explicit consent from the mentor for the following purposes: (a) advertising; (b) media relations; (c) marketing; (d) fundraising; (e) social media; and (f) promotions in respect of Futurpreneur Canada’s operations.

Disclosure of information

Futurpreneur Canada, and any of its third-party service providers, discloses Information in respect of the mentor to the following parties to carry out the Purposes: (a) to third-party service providers; (b) to other Futurpreneur Canada entrepreneurs, Futurpreneur Canada mentors or Futurpreneur Canada community partners .

How to Contact Us

Any comments or questions regarding your personal information or our policies and practices with respect to your personal information may be directed to privacy@futurpreneur.ca.

Keeping Your Information Updated

We take care to keep the information in our records as accurate, complete and up to date as necessary for the purposes for which it is used. However, we also rely on you to tell us when your information changes. You may update your personal information online by logging into your account at https://route.futurpreneur.ca and updating your information. If you have any questions or difficulties accessing your account, please contact us by emailing: info@futurpreneur.ca or calling Call us at 1 800 464 2923.