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G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance: 2010

2010 G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit

We were proud to champion the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit (YES), held in Toronto in June 2010, which brought together more than 200 young entrepreneurs and leaders of entrepreneurial organizations from G20 nations to network, exchange ideas and establish international partnerships.

This two-day, inaugural event – themed “Entrepreneurship = Recovery = Jobs” – created the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance, a global initiative that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial experts to discuss the challenges and promotions of youth entrepreneurship.

Our communiqué

Those who shared ideas and were involved in making our summit a success were part of a communiqué that identified the five key issues that discourage young self-starters from launching their own business. The five issues were: excessive regulation and taxation; inadequate or inefficient coordination of many of the forms of support that are available; social attitudes that discourage risk-taking or stigmatize failure and the need for specific entrepreneurial education in schools and universities.

This important document, which was presented at the G20 Business Summit, called upon the G20 countries to recognize that young entrepreneurs can change their lives, their communities, their cultures and their economies. It also called upon leaders and decision-makers to work on the issues presented.