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G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance: 2013

2013 G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit

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The 2013 G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit was held in Moscow, Russia from June 15 – 17, 2013. Eighteen Canadians were among more than 400 young entrepreneurs from G20 countries calling on G20 leaders to promote youth entrepreneurship as a powerful response to some of the most significant challenges faced by today’s global economy.

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The Alliance’s communiqué highlights opportunities for government and business to harness the potential of young entrepreneurs to create jobs, economic growth and competitiveness, and to spur innovation and social change. For information about the Summit, please view the G20 YEA media release and 2013 communiqué, or visit

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The Canadian delegation for the 2013 G20 YES – Russia

Armen-Bakirtzian Armen Bakirtzian, Avenir Medical Inc. ( – Waterloo, ON

Armen Bakirtzian, along with partners Andre Hladio and Richard Fanson, learned that orthopaedic surgeons needed a simple way to take the ‘eye-balling’ out of the surgery process. After talking to Armen’s father, an orthopaedic surgeon, the trio developed a device that provides an accurate balance measurement, much like a level used to put up a shelf. In 2010, they decided to commit to entrepreneurship and bring PelvAssistTM technology to life. This surgical tool measures the precise position and orientation of hip implants and provides a digital readout. It is improving patient outcomes and offers surgeons and hospitals a cost-effective and reliable improvement to traditional hip replacement technology.

Derek-Major Derek Major, Eligeo CRM Inc. ( – Calgary, AB

Founded by current CEO, Derek Major, Eligeo CRM Inc. is a business process software and technology consulting company based in Calgary. Eligeo assists customers in selecting, implementing and customizing customer relationship management (CRM) software for a number of industries. It also offers project management, management consulting, advisory, implementation and support services for customers across North America. Before Derek launched Eligeo CRM Inc., he held several project manager positions with many large firms and was a key figure in their computer system implementations.

Dr-Winston-Chan Dr. Winston Chan, Chiropractor ( – Montreal, QB

Dr. Winston Chan graduated with honorary distinction from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières. He is a chiropractor and member of the Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec and the Association des chiropraticiens du Québec. During his studies, he completed internships in community health in Benin (Africa), Bolivia and India. In order to further develop his skills, he took many continuing education courses in several North America cities, including training for children and pregnant woman care. He currently sits on the board of directors of the Fondation de recherche chiropratique du Québec. His personal mission is to help people regain a better life quality.

Frank-Collins Frank Collins, DangerDynamite! Multimedia ( – Saskatoon, SK

Frank Collins founded Danger Dynamite in 2009 with a goal to offer professional online and offline design services and brand management. Frank and his team are a group of talented individuals who all share one thing in common — the understanding that it’s not about what you can do, but what you can get done. They have come to learn that through working together they can produce results that combine the best that each one has to offer.

Cedric-Jeannot Cedric Jeannot, I Think Security ( – Waterloo, ON

I Think Security helps corporations protect sensitive information. Founder Cedric Jeannot achieves this by using military-level security analytics and control, along with a support team of experienced security professionals. I Think Security specializes in offering solutions for Data Protection, Cloud Security, Mobile Security and Secure Communications.

Alexandre-Dumont Alexandre Dumont, Gazon Synthétique Québec Inc. ( – Québec (Québec)

The idea of synthetic turf came to Alexandre during a trip down to sunny Miami. Having realized that many homes were equipped with synthetic turf, it became clear that he had to bring this environmentally friendly and economical landscaping solution back home to Québec since it was an untapped market. Gazon Synthétique (GSQ) is responsible for the distribution, sale and installation of indoor and outdoor floor covering products. GSQ’s long term goal is to be become the leader in landscaping distribution across Canada by 2015. They also want to expand their recreational market in Brazil for the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.

Arjun-Kumar Arjun Kumar, Kela Medical Inc. ( – Whitby, ON

Arjun Kumar founded Kela Medical with the belief that individuals should have access to their medical records at all times. His system uses a patent-pending smart card technology which can synchronize with any medical record system in Ontario or the USA, and will work on any computer around the world without the need for a specialized reader or software. The card, known as the Kela Personal Health Record Card (Kela pHR Card for short) was launched in the Canadian market in May 2012. Kela Medical has also introduced an IT support service built just for physicians to support the rapidly growing electronic medical record industry.

Hugo-Levasseur Hugo Levasseur, Deltasco Solutions Inc. ( – Westmount, QC

Co-Founder Hugo Levasseur started Deltasco Solutions to provide affordable and comprehensive enterprise resource planning solutions for small-and medium-sized businesses. Deltasco’s Adaptable Cloud ERP solution integrates management information across an entire company, making it easily accessible to the people who need it. It also automates key processes, coordinates activities across departments and allows employees to collaborate and share information more easily. Modules included in Deltasco’s Adaptable Cloud ERP include, Sales Forecasting, Budgeting, Finance, eBanking, Payroll and Human Resources.

Barbara-McLean-Stollery Barbara McLean-Stollery, Executive Airways Grooming Services ( – Calgary, AB

Executive Airways Grooming Services is a corporate and commercial aircraft detailer and groomer. Situated at the Calgary International Airport, Springbank Airport and Edmonton International Airport, it operates airside 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services include full interior and exterior grooming, lavatory services, carpet steam cleaning and shampooing, leather cleaning and reconditioning, paint polishing and office cleaning.

Donny-Ouyang Donny Ouyang, Rayku Corp. ( – Toronto, ON

Donny Ouyang started Rayku to address his own previous struggles with homework, having tried alternative solutions with no success. Available globally 24/7, enables tutors to set their own fees, and students to select their tutors based on price and quality—saving users an average of 60 per cent per tutoring session, compared with conventional alternatives. is focusing initially on math tutoring for high school students, with plans to scale to many subjects and audiences. Before Rayku, Donny was the founder of Kinkarso Tech. With entrepreneurship as his life, Donny has spoken at M.I.T. on the subject, was named a ‘Top 10 Under 20’ by Vancouver Magazine, and is the global recipient of the 2010 Student Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Louis-PJ-Parent Louis P. J. Parent, ChronoMetriq Inc. ( – Montréal, QC

ChronoMetriq is a Quebec-based company founded by Louis P. J. Parent. The company’s mission is to revolutionize Canada’s waiting room management by providing a simple, enjoyable and accessible service to those who wish to free themselves from waiting rooms. ChronoMetriq allows individuals to keep their position in the queue, while giving them the freedom and power to dispose of their own time as they see fit. They also aim to ease the workload of health professionals as well as to reduce the stress and pressure they face each day.

Daniel-Rodic Daniel Rodic, Loose Button Inc. ( – Toronto, ON

Loose Button is an international, vertically integrated e-commerce company, focused on disrupting the cosmetics and fashion industries through their two flagship brands: Luxe Box and Pink Beryl Essentials. In a short period of time, Loose Button has grown to be the leading beauty membership service in the country with members in every province (and territory) across Canada. Loose Button members receive a seasonal Luxe Box with seven to eight trial-sized beauty and lifestyle items picked by beauty editors. Members also get exclusive access to private events, product launches and beauty tips and tutorials to help them stay trendy, every season.

Zafer-Dallal-Bashi Zafer Dallal Bashi, Industry Liaison Office, University of Saskatchewan – Saskatoon, SK

Zafer Dallal Bashi holds a PhD from the University of Saskatchewan and has conducted his research in the Molecular Genetics group of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Zafer has a degree in Applied Bio-molecular Science from Lakehead University, and he has been intensively trained in many international organizations such as ICARDA (International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas). Zafer has recently been awarded the Science to Business MBA scholarship from the Canadian Institute of Health Research and is currently completing his MBA at the Edwards School of Business. In 2009, Zafer joined the University of Saskatchewan Industry Liaison Office as a Technology Transfer Officer for licensing and later on for Start Ups. Zafer has since been engaged in the creation and support of numerous startups including Prairie Tide Chemicals, Quantum Genetics, Renterra and few others

Lisa-von-Sturmer Lisa von Sturmer, Growing City ( – Vancouver, BC

Growing City had its start on Savary Island in British Columbia. After founder Lisa von Sturmer spent a week on the island with friends – where composting and recycling are mandatory – she was shocked by the huge impact composting had on the group’s waste. When she returned to work in Vancouver, she was dismayed to discover just how much organic waste was being unnecessarily thrown in the trash. When she tried to find a company that could help her office set up an organics recycling program, she was incredibly disappointed to not find one. So, she decided to create a service that was simple, clean, convenient and professional enough for a corporate office environment. With Growing City, there’s no more wasting staff time trying to organize a recycling or organics program – and no more ugly plastic bins in the office, either.

Scott-Walton Scott Walton, Enovex ( – St. John, NB

Scott Walton had already created two start-up think tanks before he had completed his university degree, and it was there that the idea of a technology company focused on climate change arose, and the concept for Enovex was born. Enovex has successfully developed advanced air and gas separation materials for industrial gas production. Its first two technologies include a carbon capture material and an oxygen production material. Both materials dramatically improve the cost of separating and capturing valuable industrial gasses. Backed by brilliant minds and great technology, Enovex continues to pique the interest of the best companies in the field. Scott has steadily increased funding for the business and is creating advanced technologies in the Cleantech field.

Mike-Schmidt Mike Schmidt, MFive Labs Inc. ( – Montréal, QC

MFive Labs Inc. aims to make scalable systems that enhance how users interact on a global level. Listn is the current development effort undertaken by founder Mike Schmidt and his team. Listn is a highly interactive social music application that aims to fundamentally change the way we share and listen to music. After frustration with conventional music apps, Mike and his team decided to fix the problem by offering a simple, yet complete solution. Listn’s allows users from around the world to explore and listen to each other’s iPods, making everyone the DJ and giving a new definition to “hand-picked” music.

Melinda-Jacobs Melinda Jacobs, Social Innovation Research Group – Toronto, ON

The Social Innovation Research Group (SIRG) is a research-driven think tank studying how and why social innovation entities succeed or fail. To understand the trajectory of social innovation, SIRG interviews organizations, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to develop a series of social innovation case studies. By analyzing these studies, they can identify common factors influencing achievement and determine which models of innovation work in particular contexts. SIRG acts as a consensus broker for building policy agendas and entrepreneurial ecosystems that create values within the local economy (primarily within Taiwan) and at home in Canada. SIRG also provides internships for students through a network of local partners to increase their international exposure and leverage new skills through working abroad.

Roman-Yusfin Roman Yusfin, BI on the Fly Inc. – Toronto, ON

BI on The Fly, Business Intelligence at near-thought speed, helping businesses outperform competitors by integrating high-value data into coherent information management architecture. Roman’s team achieves business intelligence by employing industry best practices in defining a comprehensive data asset management strategy, extracting valuable actionable insight from line-of-business applications and tying the newly derived information back to the corporate strategy management and performance measurement initiatives, which ultimately will drive corporate goals in financial, customer, process engineering and growth perspectives.