Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week  


Futurpreneur is proud to be the Canadian partner for Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), an initiative of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). Futurpreneur is committed to fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Canada through GEW. We invite diverse, young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship ecosystem champions to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week by hosting or participating in an event! 

What is Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)? 

GEW is an annual celebration of entrepreneurship week that takes place in over 180 countries worldwide. Organized by the Global Entrepreneurship Network’s partners across the globe – including Futurpreneur in Canada – GEW enables businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem champions to organize events focused on key themes related to entrepreneurship:  

  • Education 
  • Ecosystems 
  • Inclusion 


Over 40,000 events will take place during GEW and we invite you to be a part of GEW Canada to promote entrepreneurship, raise awareness, and celebrate the impact of entrepreneurs across the country! 

When is GEW 2023? 

GEW 2023 will take place between November 13-19. 

Why GEW?  

GEW is the largest annual celebration of entrepreneurship, with excellent opportunities to build connections and promote your work to a local, national, and global audience. Leading a GEW event demonstrates your commitment to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Canada and around the world. We encourage you to run your own event in support global entrepreneurship or attend as many events as you can to support colleagues and like-minded organizations across the country.! 

You can share your GEW events on the official GEN Global website and can be promoted on the GEW Canada X/Twitter account @gewcanada.  


Join us in the GEW celebration 

You can register your GEW event at www.genglobal.org/user/register to be part of GEW Canada. If you want to learn more about GEW, please reach out to gew@futurpreneur.ca and we’ll be happy to connect. 


What could events look like? 

The type of event you run is totally up to you! Events can be virtual, in-person, or hybrid, such as:  

  • Fireside chat with entrepreneurship leaders or champions; 
  • Panel discussion of issues impacting entrepreneurs locally or in a particular sector;
  • Workshops on how your programs support entrepreneurs;
  • Roundtable featuring local entrepreneurs in your network;
  • Pitch Competition or Awards Ceremony;
  • Engaging local or regional entrepreneurship agencies or organizations.


How do you make an event part of GEW Canada? 

There are a few easy steps you can follow to register your event as part of GEW Canada: 

  1. Make a GEW Profile at www.genglobal.org/user/register;
  2. Once approved, register your event as part of GEW Canada;
  3. Use the GEW Canada logo and @gewcanada Twitter handle when promoting your event and we’ll be sure to amplify your event;
  4. Email us at gew@futurpreneur.ca with any questions or to let Futurpreneur know about your event;
  5. Promote your event online and let us know how many people attended! Be sure to take pictures or screenshots to help amplify your impact! 


What are some tips for a successful event? 
  • Start Planning Early: November may seem far away now, but it’ll be here before we know it! Start planning for GEW now by connecting with partners, venues, and potential speakers! 
  • Engage Local Entrepreneurs: GEW is all about supporting entrepreneurs and sharing their stories. Connect with local business leaders and ecosystem champions in your region to share your plans for GEW and how they can get involved! 
  • Focus on a Theme: The best events incorporate one of the 3 GEW themes (see the “What is Global Entrepreneurship Week” section above) and tend to focus on key issues impacting entrepreneurs. Other successful events have chosen to amplify barriers a particular group of entrepreneurs – like women, youth, Indigenous, newcomer, or Black entrepreneurs – or on key issues of concern for entrepreneurs in their local community. 
  • Consider Your Audience: Whatever you decide to do, make sure your event is tailored to the audience you want, whether that’s entrepreneurs, business leaders, policymakers or a combination of different groups.! Make sure your event is designed in the most accessible way for your audience when considering elements like in-person vs. virtual, time of day, format and location. 
  • Promote, Promote, Promote: Spreading the word is vital to any event. Make sure to promote your event online, through social media (both your channels and those of your partners/speakers), and through any newsletters or eblasts you might send out.  


Social Media 

In addition to using the GEW Canada logo, please tag @gewcanada and use #GEW2023 and/or #GEWCanada2023 on Twitter. 


Contact us 

Do you want to learn more or share your idea for feedback? Reach out to gew@futurpreneur.ca and let us know! 


Stay tuned for more GEW events!
Workshop title Day/Date Location Time Registration Link
Holiday Shopping Tour - Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov 14, 2023 Montreal, QC TBC Private Event
Holiday Shopping Tour - Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov 15, 2023 Winnipeg, MB TBC Private Event
Holiday Shopping Tour - Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov 16, 2023 Edmonton, AB TBC Private Event
Holiday Shopping Tour - Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov 21, 2023 Toronto, ON TBC Private Event
Holiday Shopping Tour - Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov 22, 2023 Halifax, ATL TBC Private Event
Holiday Shopping Tour - Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov 23, 2023 Vancouver, BC TBC Private Event