Global Entrepreneurship Week: GEW 2011

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From grassroots to rooftops, GEW Canada 2011 makes Canada shine!

From November 14 to 20, 2011, Futurpreneur Canada once again championed an outstanding Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) as Canada’s official host!

At Futurpreneur Canada, we know that entrepreneurship helps make people and communities better. That’s why we decided to emphasize grassroots activities and social impact through our GEW Canada initiatives this year.

How we celebrated

Through our flagship activity, the YOU Innovate Canada tournament, Futurpreneur Canada got Canadians thinking in innovative and creative ways. Together with supporters, universities, colleges, media and more, we challenged Canadians to see that a great business idea can come from looking at an ordinary thing in an extraordinary way. Participants were asked to take an everyday household object (a coffee cup) and use it as a raw material for a valuable new product, service or experience.

Hundreds of Canadians participated in YOU Innovate Canada and they proved that we all define value in different ways. For some it was monetary value, for other it was an environmental benefit, for others yet, it was putting a smile on someone’s face. Click here to see a selection of the winning videos, including that of the national champion team, the Grow Mug Project, who used personalized recycled coffee cups to teach kids about plants and healthy eating! Awards for champions included $25,000 in cash awards generously donated by one trip to Liverpool, England to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2012.

In addition to YOU Innovate Canada, Futurpreneur Canada and our partners and affiliates also coordinated an additional 500 initiatives from coast to coast in celebration of GEW Canada. Together, we made it possible for every Canadian to participate in GEW Canada in their own way by packing the week full of conferences, galas, social media campaigns, media coverage, contests, seminars, government announcements and more!

GEW 2011 by the numbers:
123 countries
24,008 partners
33,846 activities
7,428,690 people

Participants – 132,879
Partners – 134
Activities – 127


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