Diverse and representative leadership perspectives are very important to Futurpreneur, as we strive to foster inclusive Canadian prosperity by fueling the success of diverse, young entrepreneurs. Read about Futurpreneur’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.

Our 21-person leadership team spans six provinces from coast to coast: Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. 76% of our leaders are multilingual – collectively, they speak 16 languages! Our nine senior leadership team (SLT) members, currently based in Toronto and Montreal, originally hail from different parts of the world, including two rural Canadian communities of less than 500 people.

Currently, our leadership demographics include:

Representation matters and we strive to continually increase our leadership diversity, with the understanding that on small teams, a few changes can dramatically impact the overall composition. An example is our SLT, which went from 14% to 33% BIPOC and from 71% to 33% women with a few transitions over several months in 2019-2020.

Gender and BIPOC representation are important considerations as we develop, promote and hire senior leaders going forward.