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Mentoring: Become a Mentor

Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring is a key component of business success – in fact, research shows that 70% of small businesses with owners who receive mentoring survive for five years or more. That’s why as an organization, we’re committed to providing every entrepreneur who receives financing through us with a mentor and, ultimately, a better chance at success.

We’re looking for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to share their knowledge and experience with the next wave of Canadian entrepreneurs. Mentoring with Futurpreneur Canada could be the most rewarding decision you make.

Why Mentor?

Mentoring brings you the satisfaction of helping the next wave of entrepreneurs succeed, as well as a chance to develop professionally and expand your network. Helping a young entrepreneur navigate through today’s competitive, technology-driven world brings you closer to new trends for a valuable learning experience.

Rosemarie Enslin “I never expected to gain so much for being a mentor. I thought I was going to do the giving. Being a Futurpreneur Canada mentor is one of the smartest things I have ever done!”

– Rosemarie Enslin, Futurpreneur Canada mentor, AB

Jeff Ryzner “While giving back to the start-up community comes naturally to people who have been involved with it, winning an award for something you feel so passionately about is an honour and certainly a career milestone of which I am especially proud.”

– Jeff Ryzner, Futurpreneur Canada mentor & 2015 BDC Mentor Award Winner

 Ella Nunes “My role as a mentor is to be supportive, to help with problem-solving, and to be there to help address the next challenge. I enjoy sharing my experiences and watching my mentee’s business take on a life of its own.”

– Ella Nunes, Ella’s Botanicals, ON
(Futurpreneur Canada entrepreneur who became a Futurpreneur Canada mentor)


Are you eligible to be a Futurpreneur Canada Mentor?

We’re looking for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the following experience:

Experience as an entrepreneur:

  • A minimum of 5 years entrepreneurship experience in the last 15 years
  • Willing and available to work with an entrepreneur for a minimum of four hours per month over the course of two years
  • Ready to be paired with an entrepreneur within 3 months of registering as a mentor


Experience as an intrapreneur:

  • A minimum of 15 years of experience in a corporate environment
  • In the past 15 years, has led the creation and launch of a significant service or product and succeeded in rallying support and resources to sustain the initiatives
  • Willing and available to work with an entrepreneur for a minimum of four hours per month over the course of two years
  • Ready to be paired with an entrepreneur within 3 months of registering as a mentor

What’s an intrapraneur?

An intrapreneur is an employee who uses entrepreneurial skills within a company to turn an idea or project into a viable venture for the business.

Application Process

1 If you haven’t spoken with a Futurpreneur Canada representative, submit your information by hitting “Apply Now
2 We’ll reach out to you for a quick conversation and to start your mentor application.
3 You’ll be given login information to our application portal, and will be asked to confirm your application details and to fill out some additional information.
4 Before you can submit your application, you’ll watch a short video to welcome you to our mentoring program.
5 We’ll match you to an entrepreneur!

The Mentoring Relationship

Welcome video: All potential mentors are asked to watch a short video that outlines the do’s and don’ts of mentoring with Futurpreneur Canada.

Matching: When matching entrepreneurs and mentors, we consider an entrepreneur’s skills gaps, business experience and, when appropriate, industry. Matches are also informed by reviewing the mentor’s mentoring philosophy and making a match based on compatibility.

Ment2B: Ment2B is an online kick-off meeting that the mentor and entrepreneur complete together; setting the stage for the guiding principles that will inform their relationship for the next two years.

Updates: We will periodically reach out to mentors and entrepreneurs to submit short updates on the status of their relationship. These updates help us understand how the mentoring relationship is unfolding, and to offer help when we see there are potential challenges. This feedback also helps us shape current and future programs.

Mentoring Resources

Business Resource Centre

We’re dedicated to creating and collecting valuable tools for mentors so they can continue learning and developing their skills. In our Business Resource Centre, you’ll find: free mentor-specific resources, case studies and crash courses.

Visit our Business Resource Centre

Our mentor-specific crash courses are particularly valuable for mentors at any stage in a mentoring relationship.

View our Crash Courses

Additional Tools

You’ll also be provided with exclusive guides and templates as part of your Futurpreneur Canada mentoring relationship.