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Mentoring: Mentor resources

Futurpreneur Canada provides added value to our mentors through learning opportunities, networking and business resources.

Business Resource Centre

Futurpreneur Canada is dedicated to creating and collecting valuable tools for mentors so they can continue learning and developing their skills. We provide free mentor-specific resources like templates, case studies and crash courses to support mentor development.


Our Entrepeer Program provides the opportunity to build relationships, share experiences, and gain insights from a robust community of business champions. There are three ways we can help you connect with other mentors and entrepreneurs:

  1. Entrepeer Experience: face-to-face networking events at The Keg Steakhouse & Bar locations across Canada;
  2. Entrepeer Vibe: a bi-weekly e-newsletter offering the latest tools, articles and resources;
  3. Entrepeer Hub: Futurpreneur Canada’s online LinkedIn group where our community gets together to share ideas, resources and experiences, and get great advice from business experts.