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Mentoring: The value of having a mentor

At the Futurpreneur Canada, we know that young people have great business ideas and we see how mentors are making a tangible difference.

Uncover the benefits on both sides of the relationship:

Entrepreneur Mentor
Gain valuable business advice Contribute to the economic development of your community
Learn from the experience of a seasoned professional Raise your personal profile across Canada through Futurpreneur Canada’s entrepreneurial network
Enhance your business network Attend Futurpreneur Canada’s sponsored networking events to meet other successful business mentors
Gain confidence from having someone in your corner Gain the personal satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a difference while building your advisory skills

What our entrepreneurs say…

Alexey Saltykov “My mentor, Dan Crook, is fantastic! He is a trusted advisor in all topics and he is always there when we need his advice.”

– Alexey Saltykov, InsurEye Inc.
Futurpreneur Canada young entrepreneur, ON

Melanie Breitkreutz “Mentoring is a way that someone with life experience can give back to enrich a younger person’s life.”

– Melanie Breitkreutz, Be’ato Coffee Company Inc.
Futurpreneur Canada young entrepreneur, AB

Paul Maxwell “My mentor brings not only strong business acumen, wisdom and experience, but connections and successes from his own businesses. He also taught me how to network very well — it’s the biggest gain that I have received.”

Paul Maxwell, Maxwell’s Music House
Futurpreneur Canada young entrepreneur (now Futurpreneur Canada mentor), ON