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What follows is one story -in a series of stories -that celebrates entrepreneurial success -success made possible not only by the hard work of the business owner, but also by the availability of financing made possible by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, a program administered locally by Trenval Business Development Corporation.

‘Be Prepared’ is not only a wise suggestion by Emma Pot, Certified First Aid Trainer, it’s also the name of the business she started last year. Health, safety and wellness had always been an interest for Emma, but it took a chance meeting with someone who suggested that she would be a great Canadian Red Cross trainer that caused her to consider self-employment in this field of work. That longtime interest, coupled with her Honours Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences seemed like the perfect combination for business success.

So Emma approached the Red Cross about becoming a trainer, but they required a business proposal first. It seemed that technical knowledge alone not enough. She needed entrepreneurial skills as well. She was directed to Trenval where she found lots of information on how to prepare business plans. “The business plan templates and the general counseling support provided by Trenval really helped me to develop the proposal that the Red Cross was looking for”, says Emma. As a matter of fact, her document was much more than they had been expected! Emma Pot was now a Red Cross Training Partner.

But stepping out into self-employment required more than the knowledge and the business plan -it also required start-up financing. Amber Darling, Trenval’s Loans Officer, encouraged Emma to apply for business financing through the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF). “The application process was quick, straight-forward and educational”, says Emma. “The approved financing provided me with the resources to take my business to the next level.”

Be Prepared is growing. In her first year as an independent business person, Emma has provided First Aid training to employees of Meta Employment Services, St. Lawrence College, Vital Aire, Sonoco, Community Partners for Success and Hastings County, to name just a few. In addition to standard and emergency First Aid training, she provides CPR and defibrillator training as well. She also runs public classes recommended for students/ teens, new parents, personal trainers and support workers. Her offerings are expanding as Emma develops additional competencies and accreditation that will enable her to meet the demand for her services from the general public and local businesses.

One very key component of the CYBF Start-up Program is the requirement to have a mentor. Local restaurateur Paul Dinkel is providing this support to Emma. “I really value Paul’s input”, says Emma.

Check out Emma’s website at is ready to teach you how to splint a broken leg, to apply CPR to a person in distress, or stabilize an impaling injury. With her style of instruction, you certainly will not be bored!
If you have a business idea and need financial support, CYBF and Trenval may be able to help. Contact Amber Darling at 613 961-7999 or email

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation is a national organization dedicated to growing Canada’s economy one young entrepreneur at a time. The CYBF program helps youth aged 18 -39 with pre-launch coaching, business resources, start-up financing and on-going mentoring.
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