Youth on the Move, A Business Success Story – Marc Audette

,Marc Audette, Owner Boardwalk Eavestrough

What follows is one story – in a series of stories – that celebrates entrepreneurial success -success made possible not only by the hard work of the business owner, but also by the availability of financing made possible by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, a program administered locally by Trenval Business Development Corporation.

When you open Boardwalk Eavestrough’s website, you’ll be greeted with these words -“Choose from our modern or classical designs that add elegance and curb appeal to your home. Experience the beauty of our custom tailored eavestroughs.” And, while the words “impressive” and “spectacular” aren’t included in that text, they darn well should be!

Marc Audette, owner of Boardwalk Eavestroughs, worked in Ottawa for four years installing eavestroughs -but not just any eavestrough. These are definitely a cut above the rest. Last year, Marc was ready to return to the area to start his own installation business, offering the same high end product -a product that essentially offers a crown moulding finish to the exterior of any home.

He delivers 5″ and 6″ seamless construction, custom mitred corners, and downspout sizes exceeding industry standards, including superior leaf/ice guard protection. Available in an array of profiles and colours, his products are surprisingly cost competitive. Finishing touches include beautiful rain barrels, heated cables, valley guards and ornate rain chains. It’s not just an eavestrough that Marc is providing -it’s an entire eavestrough system! And many of Marc’s products are fabricated right on the spot, taking a sheet of flat metal and shaping it into the desired profile while interested onlookers watch.

Marc’s growing reputation for prompt service and quality workmanship is paying off. “Nothing satisfies me more than hearing ‘Wow, that looks great!’ after completing a job, he says. While much of his business to date has been directed at existing homes, he is beginning to meet with local home builders and expects that his product will soon be seen on new homes throughout the region.

While in his pre-business launch phase, Marc approached Trenval Business Development Corporation, seeking information on how to run his business. Amber Darling, Trenval’s Loans Officer, readily saw that, with a properly prepared business plan, Marc would likely qualify for a start-up financing from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. “Trenval helped me through the idea phase, critiquing my business plan, finding and acquiring funding and everything in between. Without their help, and CYBF financing, I would surely have missed some important steps along the way and would not have been able to successfully launch Boardwalk Eavestroughs, says Marc.”

The CYBF Start-up Program requires each entrepreneur to have a mentor. Marc credits his mentor, Paul McCaughan, with helping him to develop his company’s online presence. “Paul’s networking and advertising expertise has been invaluable!”

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If you have a business idea and need financial support, CYBF and Trenval may be able to help. Contact Amber Darling at 613 961-7999 or email

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation is a national organization dedicated to growing Canada’s economy one young entrepreneur at a time. The CYBF Program helps youth aged 18 -39 with pre-launch coaching, business resources, start-up financing and on-going mentoring. Visit for more information.

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