3D Energy Limited

Jean Carrière of 3D Energy Limited. / Jean Carrière, de 3D Energy ltée.
  • Owner:

    Jean Carrière

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  • Inception:


  • Mentor:

    Ryan Henry

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  • Location:

    Edmonton, Alberta

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Business Profile

3D Energy Limited develops efficiencies throughout the life-cycle process to identify significant cost savings during the design, construction and operations of buildings. These efficiencies are possible by implementing virtual design and construction methodologies and Building Information Modeling throughout the life-cycle of a new building.

My Story

Challenging the status quo through innovation

For Jean, entrepreneurship started when he was looking for a job as a young professional. His active searches lead to a contract job with an architect to perform an energy modeling simulation for a small office building. Given his architectural background and experience, Jean took on this challenge.

Jean was focused on quality and using the best tools, with the best technology and by challenging the status quo. Upon completing his first project, he created a new methodology for the energy modeling industry. At that point he decided to become an entrepreneur and go forward with what he believed in.

Now he’s expanded in Alberta with an investor who owns a mechanical engineering firm and they’ve created a small team. Jean continues to innovate within the virtual design and construction industry.

Ottawa Community Loan Fund connected Jean with Futurpreneur Canada, where he received financing, mentoring and business resources. Jean was also matched with mentor Ryan Henry who provided advice and support to help the young entrepreneur run his business.

“Being an entrepreneur is the most rewarding and uplifting position; it is a way of life. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but I knew that anything could happen, and that’s why I love being an entrepreneur,” explained Jean.


My mentor, Ryan Henry, helped me stay focused on my goals. Since I can be very ambitious as a day dreamer, sometimes a reality check helps. Discussing my business vision and strategic goals with an active listener helped set realistic goals to achieve them.”