Al Norman

Al Norman
Business Profile

Al Norman is a successful consultant with Paradigm Consulting Group Inc. He focuses on manufacturing, and specializes in applying lean methodologies to manufacturing. He has also worked as an engineering manager, and a plant manager, and is a long-term mentor both with Futurpreneur Canada and with the Regina Chamber of Commerce.

My Story

Experience in business, life and mentoring.

A long-term mentor both with Futurpreneur Canada and the Regina Chamber of Commerce, Al Norman was surprised at first that he had been paired up with Jessica Williamson. With no previous retail experience, he wasn’t sure he would be able to provide Jessica with the help she needed to realize her dream of owning an active wear clothing store. But it turned out, what she needed was general business advice. And that was something Al could help with, through his experience as a consultant with the Paradigm Consulting Group.

Saying he finds it rewarding to mentor entrepreneurs who want to learn, grow, and take responsibility, Al has great pride in the fact that his protégé has won several business awards in Saskatchewan, all stemming from what he calls Jessica’s “great business plan, realistic sales goals and passion for business.” With his history of mentoring future business leaders, Al hopes others follow his lead in providing support for entrepreneurs.

“Canada’s economy and individual communities run on small businesses. Small businesses that either feed large businesses or provide the needed services for communities to thrive exist because of entrepreneurs that take the opportunity to start a business and work hard to make it grow. Entrepreneurship is essential for communities to grow by providing employment and services.”


It is so rewarding to help someone succeed. If you have helped someone at work become a better employee, then you have mentored someone. It takes very little time and the knowledge you have is important to the protege.”