Intellijoint Surgical

Armen Bakirtzian, Andre Hladio and Richard Fanson of Intellijoint Surgical / Armen Bakirtzian, Andre Hladio et Richard Fanson, d'Intellijoint Surgical
  • Owner:

    Armen Bakirtzian, Andre Hladio & Richard Fanson

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  • Mentor:

    Sandy Robertson

  • Industry:

    Health and Wellness

  • Location:

    Waterloo, Ontario

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Business Profile

Intellijoint Surgical offers easy-to-use and affordable orthopaedic solutions for surgeons. The company’s key product, PelvAssist™, is a surgical tool that measures the precise position and orientation of hip implants and provides a digital readout. It is improving patient outcomes and offers surgeons and hospitals a cost effective and reliable improvement to traditional hip replacement technology.

My Story

Improving results for hip surgery patients

What started as a course project by three fourth-year University of Waterloo mechatronics engineering students has turned into a tool that can improve the lives of hip implant patients around the world.

Armen Bakirtzian, Andre Hladio and Richard Fanson learned that orthopedic surgeons needed a simple way to take the ‘eye-balling’ out of the surgery process after talking to Armen’s father, an orthopedic surgeon. So, the trio developed a device that provides an accurate balance measurement, much like a level that is used to put up a shelf. In 2010, they decided to commit to entrepreneurship and bring PelvAssistTM technology to life.

Intellijoint Surgical (previously Avenir Medical Inc.) received funding through the Futurpreneur Canada Spin Master Innovation Fund pilot to get their business running. They also received a wealth of financial knowledge and advice from Futurpreneur Canada Mentor Sandy Robertson, who was instrumental in helping to find investors.

“From product development and financing, to sales and marketing, we have gained valuable skills starting and running our business,” the founders explained. “Plus, we have had the opportunity to travel, meet with and present to many influential people across the country and abroad. We have grown as individuals and are optimistic of what the future holds!”


Entrepreneurship should be considered as a real career path. Whether you are successful or not, the knowledge and connections you gain will stay with you forever. Without a doubt, the experience helps you to grow.”