Cinema Works Entertainment

Jordan Presseault of Cinema Works Entertainment. / Jordan Presseault, de Cinema Works Entertainment.
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    Jordan Presseault

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  • Mentor:

    Kevin Smith

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    North Bay, Ontario

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Business Profile

Cinema Works is a small team of artists that specialize in corporate and wedding cinema. They have also created music videos, corporate videos and commercials for online advertising, and documentary film.

My Story

Challenging the stereotypes

Jordan Presseault is passionate about filmmaking and has always been interested in owning his own business. While having enjoyed working for several studios in Canada and the U.S., he never felt completely fulfilled following the strict format of traditional videography.

Jordan created Cinema Works, a video production company, to bring a whole new meaning to the word videographer and tell stories in a more professional and engaging manner. The Business Centre Nipissing Parry Sound connected Jordan with Futurpreneur Canada, where he received financing, mentoring and business resources. Futurpreneur Canada matched Jordan with Futurpreneur Canada mentor Kevin Smith who provides advice and support to help the young entrepreneur run his business.

The main philosophy behind Cinema Works is to break the stereotypes of traditional videography. The videos are meant to be true reflections of the client and what they want to convey in unique and creative ways, versus following a traditional corporate or wedding video model.

For Jordan, being an entrepreneur “allowed me to find a style of video productions that was tailored to my filmmaking abilities,” he said. “I was able to spend more time experimenting and developing a unique style in the marketplace,” explained Jordan.


My mentor helped transform me from an average videographer to a professional, proud entrepreneur. Thanks to Kevin Smith's help, I was able to worry less about the business aspects and focus on what I'm talented at, storytelling.”