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    Robb Price

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    Stephen Kenny

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    Social Purpose Business

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    Calgary, Alberta

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Business Profile is social enterprise that streamlines and maximizes the charitable giving process. Through an online tool, DeliverGood matches non-profit organizations that need stuff with people and businesses that have stuff.

My Story

Getting the goods to those that need them

After his employer, a non-profit organization in Calgary, Alberta, experienced a fire, Robb Price saw people and businesses offer support by providing non-cash donations. He realized two things – people feel good knowing they have helped solve a problem and they need a straight-forward way to know what resources others need so they can provide them.

Robb set out to create a business that connects non-profits who need items with people and businesses that have them. Futurpreneur Canada provided him with financing, mentoring and resources to get started.

Despite the experience Robb had gained previously in starting and running his own businesses, he still has a lot to learn. His Futurpreneur Canada mentor Stephen Kenny helps him learn new things, stay positive and look to the future. “I always feel empowered and energized after meeting with Stephen,” said Robb.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Robb cautions that starting your own business isn’t easy but that hard work breeds success. “Being an entrepreneur is much harder than working for somebody else. You will make decisions that aren’t perfect, and you fail at things. But keep on pushing! Success comes six months after a sane person would have quit.”


Stephen, my Futurpreneur Canada mentor, has kept me accountable from the start. I was planning to invest a large sum of money into the development of a piece of software and Stephen encouraged me to test it thoroughly first. Through testing we realized it was not right for our business. Stephen saved what could have been a large cost for the business.”