Éditions Exclamation Inc.

Mylène Montpetit of Éditions Exclamation Inc. / Mylène Montpetit, des Éditions Exclamation inc.
  • Owner:

    Mylène Montpetit

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  • Mentor:

    Lise Malo

  • Industry:

    Education/Child Care/Child Enrichment

  • Location:

    Saint-Chrysostome, Quebec

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Business Profile

Éditions Exclamation specializes in the publication of educational digital books. Their unique and innovative products help children develop their knowledge on different topics, and improve their reading skills while learning.

My Story

Helping children stay in school

A mother of four, Mylène Montpetit began her entrepreneurial journey as an educator in a family daycare center. Seeking new challenges, she joined forces and skills with her spouse and business partner, Sylvain Blouin, to create their own products.

In order to accomplish their mission – help children stay in school – Éditions Exclamation Inc. hired knowledgeable professionals. Teachers and educators wrote materials that are available in four different levels, which are well adapted to the reading ability of students. The interactive digital books include 3D images that can be seen thanks to blue and red 3D glasses and read on computers, digital tablets or digital interactive screens. Appealing to youth, they stimulate them to learn to read.

These books are available in both English and French on Éditions Exclamation’s website and in certain Canadian and European digital libraries.

The CLD du Haut Saint-Laurent and SADC du Suroît-Sud supported Mylène and connected her with the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF), where she received financing, mentoring and business resources. Mylène was also matched with mentor Lise Malo, who provided advice and support to help the young entrepreneur run her business.

“Entrepreneurship allows me to learn and grow while meeting exciting challenges,” explains Mylène. “It is very rewarding to feel empowered, to capitalize on new ideas and creativity, and to reach my goals.”


My mentor, Lise Malo, contributes to my personal and business development. She encourages me to think, leading me to make the right decisions for my business’ future, and to reach my short and long-term goals. It is motivating and reassuring to benefit from the advice of someone who has her expertise.”