Adrien Sicard and Julie Delisle Beeye. / Adrien Sicard et Julie Delisle, de Beeye.
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    Adrien Sicard & Julie Delisle

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    Computer/Software Applications

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    Montreal, Quebec

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Business Profile

Beeye is a web based business intelligence (BI) software system designed for small to medium sized businesses, enabling managers to visualize, plan and balance human resource and financial activities.

My Story

All of the partners who formed and now manage Beeye have experience working within consulting fields or for consulting companies. Through their past experience of Adrien Sicard, Julie Delisle and their partners Antoine Lemaitre and Yury Doroshenko, they realized they each shared a common observation about the challenges managers faced. Managers struggled to accurately measure and track the resources allocated to projects, thereby making it difficult to ensure projects were run at optimized levels. Key decisions about where to focus resources, when to hire, or where to invest were often made too late.

They concluded that greater transparency and connection between disparate business services would allow managers to make decisions in real-time and could have a huge impact on the bottom line. To address this opportunity, the team developed the Beeye tool and within a year, have tested it in a real-life business environment.

The road to this point has taken a huge amount of work. In fact, three of the four core partners continue to balance their entrepreneurial pursuits with other consultancy jobs, demonstrating the time and commitment required to launch a successful company.

When asked about Futurpreneur Canada, partner Adrien Sicard said, “Futurpreneur Canada is a great program that trusted us at the beginning and provided us with the resources to help us grow.”

Today, eight clients use Beeye software and the company continues to grow.


Be ready for sweat and tears! You have to be ready to work non-stop, to be constantly challenged, to spend a considerable amount of your own money, and to be insanely resilient against failures that you will face on a daily basis. But, even with all that in mind, we have no regrets about starting this adventure – it challenges us and makes us happy every day.”