Esprits Libres Communications

Roxanne Tétreault of Esprits Libres Communications. / Roxanne Tétreault, d'Esprits Libres Communications.
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    Roxanne Tétreault

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  • Mentor:

    Pierre-Paul Gingras

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  • Location:

    Granby, Quebec

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Business Profile

Esprits Libres Communications strengthens develops and implements communications strategies that include creative advertising, internal communications, innovative graphic design as well as extensive multimedia solutions. The Esprits Libres team works closely with clients to provide strategic concepts and modern solutions in a sustainable way.

My Story

Living her values through her work

After six years working in a fast-paced public relations firm and then a Canadian telecommunications business, Roxanne Tétreault was ready to build a company that matched her own personal values and principles.

Roxanne envisioned a different kind of communication and public relations firm – one that provides creative solutions accessible to every type of business, a high quality of life for employees, responsible management of resources and that promoted community values.

The Centre d'Aide aux Enterprises Haute-Yamaska et région connected Roxanne with Futurpreneur Canada where she received financing, mentoring and support to launch Esprits Libres Communications. She founded the business around the same time that she had her first child. Besides helping her establish her company, Futurpreneur Canada mentor Pierre-Paul Gingras also guided her in developing a non-profit organization where ‘mompreneurs’ can connect ( called ‘Mamanpreneurs’).

“I became more active in the business community thanks to some great advice from my Futurpreneur Canada mentor,” said Roxanne. “The creation of a mompreneurs group has been valuable to my personal growth and has created buzz around my professional projects. “

Roxanne loves managing her own business. “Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to go a step further in my projects, expand my knowledge, become an important part of the local business community and a positive influence the economic development of my region.”


Over the course of two years with my mentor, I got through doubts and obstacles in my business, as well as early motherhood and the development of a non-profit organization. I’ve learned to make better decisions and defend my position on issues. I am also better at accepting consequences of the decisions that I make. ”