Exigence Technologies Inc.

Zach Wolff of Exigence Technologies Inc. / Zach Wolff, d'Exigence Technologies inc.
Business Profile

Exigence Technologies Inc. has licensed the most advanced antimicrobial compound that can be applied to textiles and utilized in laundering garments in the healthcare and hospitality industries to reduce the spread of infection.

My Story

Developed by the University of Manitoba, the compound is a coating that, when applied to textiles, actively fights bacteria growth to prevent the spread of infections and is then ‘recharged’ when laundered. It works faster, is safer, and does not allow microbial resistance so surfaces remain bacteria-free even after exposure.

Currently, the company is in the process of pursuing different routes for commercialization of the product. As most hospitals in major cities tend to outsource laundering to one or two commercial laundering facilities, a possible application of the compound is to integrate the product and services into what is already being done.

Zach Wolff commented on the amount of time and commitment required to take a great idea and make it viable: “I thought having a world-leading idea would be close to all we needed, but the road to where we are now involved great investment on behalf of the University, the inventor, business development team, and scientists to ensure we could take the idea to market.”

He continued to say, “It’s exciting that this is an invention founded in Manitoba and will be brought to market by Manitobans. This is a business friendly region and there is huge support for start-ups.”

When asked how Futurpreneur Canada has supported him so far, Zach said, “Futurpreneur Canada provided me with contacts, advice, and mentorship that would have been very onerous and time consuming to get on my own.”


Don’t wait – if you feel like it, take the chance because as a young entrepreneur now is the time to make mistakes and learn from them. Also, I recommend finding a mentor as people are happy to help and give back.”