Fine Line Homes Ltd.

Christopher Joseph McLaren of Fine Line Homes Ltd. / Christopher Joseph McLaren, de Fine Line Homes ltée.
  • Owner:

    Christopher Joseph McLaren

  • Jobs Created:


  • Inception:


  • Mentor:

    Wayne Chiu

  • Industry:

    Construction/Skilled Trades

  • Location:

    Calgary, Alberta

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Business Profile

Fine Line Homes Ltd.’s mission is to be one of the most energy-efficient home builders in the country, using the latest in technology and innovation to provide customers with an affordable, custom-built dream home that goes beyond their highest expectations. Their eco-friendly focus helps customers save money while lowering the impact on the environment.

My Story

Thinking outside the barriers of conventional building

Christopher’s passion for building started when he was very young – at the age of twelve he constructed a small shed for his parents. For the last thirteen years he was involved in small construction projects and renovations in addition to working full-time in industries like Communications and Information Technology.

During his graduate studies in 2009, while building his own custom energy efficient home and holding down a full time job, something just clicked. Christopher knew he wanted to work for himself and do something that could make a difference. He became excited about doing something innovative and created a new home building company that would inevitably take him back to his roots in construction.

In 2012, Christopher has been busy working on four projects and looks to build six to eight new custom homes next year. Now that he’s growing the company he is realizing his dream and truly loves being an entrepreneur.

Bow Valley College connected Christopher with Futurpreneur Canada, where he received financing, mentoring and business resources. Christopher was also matched with mentor Wayne Chiu who provided advice and support to help the young entrepreneur run his business.

“I love the flexibility that owning my own company gives me and doing something I am passionate about where the sky is the limit and the future is what you make of it,” explained Christopher.


My mentor, Wayne Chiu, is an inspiration to me because of his desire to give back to the community. He is a true businessman with a talent to lead and direct. Through his wealth of experience and wisdom which he has obtained through persistence and hard work, he gives distinctive advice to help me move forward.”