Gray Matter Chiropractic

Courtney Gray of Gray Matter Chiropractic. / Courtney Gray, de Gray Matter Chiropractic.
  • Owner:

    Courtney Gray

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  • Mentor:

    Nancy Demarest

  • Industry:

    Health and Wellness

  • Location:

    Brantford, Ontario

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Business Profile

We provide first class chiropractic and wellness services to families in the Brantford/Brant region. Specializing in lifestyle makeovers and spinal correction we seek to address the cause of disease, and inspire people towards lifelong health.

My Story

I always thought I would have my own clinic, but it wasn’t until I moved back to my hometown unexpectedly, after practicing in the USA. I realized that I needed the freedom to make my own choices in practice, so business ownership was my only option! I love being an entrepreneur because I’m in control; successes and failures (not that there have been too many of those!)


Understand that owning your own business takes work! Be passionate about what you are going to be providing – be it a product or a service. Unlike typical ‘jobs’ the work doesn’t stop when you leave the office. ”