Growing City

Lisa von Sturmer
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    Lisa von Sturmer

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  • Mentor:

    Kevin Brennan

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    Vancouver, British Columbia

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Business Profile

Growing City is the simple, clean and convenient way to bring composting and recycling to your office and business. By implementing their easy and engaging services, you can responsibly reduce your waste by up to 50 percent or more – while making a positive impact on global warming and limiting your contribution to local landfills. With premium customer service, educational tools and monthly reporting, Growing City makes it easy to keep your team’s environmental commitments going strong!

My Story

From kitchen to compost!

Lisa von Sturmer was inspired to go into the business of composting after spending a week at a cabin on Desolation Sound, where composting is mandatory. After seeing how much organic waste ended up in office trash, Lisa saw an opportunity to create a business and help the planet at the same time.

With the help of Small Business BC and the investment of Futurpreneur Canada, Growing City opened its doors to immediate success. As a new entrepreneur, Lisa is incredibly appreciative of her Futurpreneur Canada mentor Kevin Brennan, who advises her on everything from contracting relationships, to dealing with competitors and client incentives.

While the young business owner admits that entrepreneurship includes challenges, Lisa says that the benefits far outweigh any difficulties. “I have always dreamed of working for myself. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to build my ideal work environment that’s infused with my personal values of sustainability and community involvement,” explained Lisa.


My mentor, Kevin’s realistic and enthusiastic outlook gives me the confidence and knowledge I need throughout the ups and downs of starting and running a business. His expertise, connections and experience are powerful resources that are preventing me from learning everything the hard way.”