Immune Biosolutions

Frédéric Leduc, Jean-François Larrivée and Simon Gaudreau of Immune Biosolutions. / Frédéric Leduc, Jean-François Larrivée et Simon Gaudreau, d'Immune Biosolutions.
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    Frédéric Leduc, Jean-François Larrivée and Simon Gaudreau

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    Ghyslain Goulet

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    Sherbrooke, Quebec

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Business Profile

Immune Biosolutions is dedicated to creating antibody-based innovative products. Instead of killing or exsanguinating animals (the current standard method of generating antibodies), they extract highly specific antibodies from chicken eggs allowing them to generate huge quantities of high-quality antibodies more effectively, cheaper and using a more humane approach. The antibodies are mainly used in biomedical research.

My Story

A change in direction

When Frédéric was a PhD student in Biochemistry, he imagined himself becoming a university professor. This meant securing a 2-3 year post-doctoral internship before he could apply to any professor position. It also meant moving to the USA. While considering his options, Frédéric was surprised by the news that he and his wife would be having twins – turning their family of 4 into a family of 6! The thought of moving their growing family and disturbing his wife's career was daunting to say the least so he started to look for a new career plan. At the same time, his university was opening a new techno-business accelerator. Frédéric started to think about opportunities to build a business with the support of the accelerator and the idea to create better antibodies was born.

Frédéric partnered with Jean-François and they applied to the accelerator program where they completed a 2-year entrepreneurial crash course, revised their business model and completed a proof of concept to test their new approach. At this point, they brought on their third partner, Simon and officially founded Immune Biosolutions.

Since then, they have leased a laboratory, secured funding to buy the required equipment and helped their first clients. The team still has a lot to learn, but they are guided by exceptional mentors from the ACET accelerator and great Angel investors to help them on their path to business success.


Take the risk, measure the potential. Surround yourself with mentors, talk about your ideas with the right people (protect your ideas as well), read books to better yourselves or (even better) talk with seasoned entrepreneurs to overcome your obstacles... behind every obstacle, there is a chance to innovate and impress your clients!”