InsurEye Inc.

Alexey Saltykov of InsurEye Inc. / Alexey Saltykov, d'InsurEye inc.
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    Alexey Saltykov

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    Dan Crook

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    Toronto, Ontario

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Business Profile

InsurEye Inc. provides free online tools for consumers to educate them about insurance and creates transparency in the insurance market place in Canada.

My Story

An accidental idea is born Once upon a time, one of InsurEye Inc.’s co-founders damaged a rental car while parking in a tight garage. He wasn’t too worried since he booked a car using his credit card — and it must have insurance, right? To his astonishment, he had to pay for the damages himself and it was not cheap. Unlike other credit cards, the card he had used to pay for the rental car didn’t have rental insurance. That’s when the idea for InsurEye was born. InsurEye Inc.’s online tools include an Insurance Price Comparison Tool, the InsurEye Consumer Experience Tool (an independent platform for consumer insurance reviews) and a Credit Card Navigator (which details all insurance and benefits offered by your credit card), which all aim to help consumers make better informed decisions when it comes to insurance providers. Futurpreneur Canada provided Alexey with financing, business resources and mentoring; matching him with a Futurpreneur Canada mentor Dan Crook who provided advice and support to help the young entrepreneur run his business. For Alexey and his business partner Dmitry Mityagin, their most powerful moment as entrepreneurs was “when people whom you didn’t know used your services, came back and thanked you, saying it was very helpful and to keep up the good work,” explained Alexey. “It is very motivating and gives us energy to innovate further!”


My mentor, Dan Crook, is fantastic! He is a trusted adviser in all topics and he is always there when we need his advice. With 40 plus years of experience and leadership in the IT industry, he has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge.”