Lana Pinsky

Lana Pinsky
  • Mentored:

    Kim Dao and Chitsanupong Prathumma, owners of Cha Baa Thai Restaurant Limited

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  • Location:

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Business Profile

A teacher at Halifax North Memorial Public Library, Lana Pinsky has a great deal of experience in working with young people, and encouraging them to do their best. Her history as an educator has given her the understanding of the importance of working with young people on an individual level, and to build confidence in order to see results.

My Story

A guide, advisor, motivator, and a big shoulder to cry on.

That’s how Lana Pinsky’s protégés describe their award-winning mentor.

A teacher at Halifax North Memorial Public Library, Lana has been an instrumental part of Kim Dao, Bang Dao and Chitsanupong Prathumma’s businesses and lives. From helping find a location for their restaurants, to copy editing written material from memos to marketing campaigns, and even attending Kim’s wedding, Lana has played a huge role in the success of these young entrepreneurs.

Saying part of her job as a teacher is to inspire youth, Lana takes her role as mentor seriously, and took a great deal of pride when her protégés Kim and Bang won the 2008 CYBF Atlantic Canada Best Business Award for Talay Thai Restaurant.

Calling the role of mentor as a passport to success for all those involved, Lana hopes that others in Atlantic Canada and across the country will get involved in Futurpreneur’s mentorship program. “Good ideas come from many places. This region needs to put these good ideas into action.”


A mentor is a guide. Every human being has some quality or qualities that make them special. It is with this knowledge and cultivation that they can acquire the self-knowledge and self-confidence to succeed. A little of your guidance and time can go a long way. ”