Laugh It Up Photo Booth Services Inc.

Moses Robicheau of Laugh It Up Photo Booth Services Inc. / Moses Robicheau, de Laugh It Up Photo Booth Services inc.
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    Moses Robicheau

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    April MacLeod

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    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Business Profile

Laugh It Up Photo Booth Services Inc. is a value-add at any social event for the perfect guest experience and includes modern photo booths that take fun pictures of guests and print instantly as a great keepsake. The prints are high quality and they can be branded to the event, host, or sponsor. Digital copies are posted online via the Laugh It Up website and are free to download, which is perfect for any social media lover.

My Story

Creating lasting memories that are easy to share

Having completed university, some travelling and working in the hospitality industry, which he had become accustom to, Moses appeared to have followed in the footsteps of many students his age. However, faced with a tough job market, he attempted what most youth wouldn’t risk: becoming an entrepreneur. The reward of creating his own business and witnessing the growth of his company demonstrates the pride and passion that Moses has put into his business.

CEED connected Moses with CYBF, where he received financing, mentoring and business resources. He was matched with mentor April MacLeod who provided valuable advice and resources to help him start and successfully run his business. “When I was unmotivated she helped by showing me how far I had come. I find mentors have been a key piece to my success so far, just having someone to talk to about your business is great – if not only to get it off your shoulders. Mentors can help you improve and really make an impact. They have been the best investment for me,” explained Moses.

Within a little over six months of opening, Moses has provided his photo booth services to 50 events and continues to reap the benefits of hard work and dedication. Seeing his customers smile and the praise he gets from his peers for his success is rewarding both personally and professionally. Often, it’s the little things that count most.


My mentor helps keep me focused and helps realign my goals. Having that experience in my position is very valuable; they offer a lot of good perspectives.”